New hub with space for hundreds of bikes opened at Bedford train station

Mohammad Yasin MP opened the new two-tier cycle parking hub at Bedford Train Station
Mohammad Yasin MP opened the new two-tier cycle parking hub at Bedford Train Station ((L to R) Yo Higton, Bedford Borough Council; Peter Blakeman, North Beds Cycling Campaign; David Hibbs, Sustrans; Mohammad Yasin MP; Lily Scott, Patrick Ladbury, Hilton Matereke, Jenny Saunders from Thameslink.

A new two-tier cycle parking hub for up to 322 bikes, and seven charging bays for electric bikes, has been opened at Bedford train station.

Thameslink has installed the hub to make it easier for people to travel to the station by bike, as a way of encouraging people to get out and enjoy ‘active travel’ as part of their journeys.

Covered by CCTV and accessed for free using a key fob from the station’s ticket office, train users’ bikes will be secure.

”I was delighted to open the new cycle hub at Bedford station,” said Bedford and Kempston MP Mohammad Yasin (Labour) who cut a ribbon to open the hub.

“It is more important than ever to increase the use of more sustainable methods of transport and the hub aims to provide a safe place for cyclists to park their bikes at the station alongside charging points for electric bikes.”

Andy Buckley of Beds and Herts Community Rail Partnership added: “We welcome an increase in security for cycle users and we hope the new compound will encourage more people to cycle to the station rather than use their cars, with all the benefits – both personal and environmental – that this attracts.”

Meanwhile, Jenny Saunders, Customer Service Director for Thameslink and Great Northern, said: “We hope that offering a more secure place to lock up your bike, as well as electric bike charging facilities, will encourage more passengers to cycle to the station.”

The hub has been funded by the Department for Transport’s cycle rail fund, which aims to improve cycling facilities at stations.

It is managed by the sustainable transport charity Sustrans, with further funding from Bedford Borough Council.

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