New Exhibition – A Walk in the Woods: a Celebration of Trees in British Art


Wixamtree Gallery, Higgins Bedford  from 30th September

This new exhibition from the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery collection opens on 30th September and will celebrate the role of trees and woodland in British landscape painting. Works will include those by artists such as John Constable, John Sell Cotman, Francis Towne and Paul Nash. The exhibition will be produced in partnership with Professor Christiana Payne from Oxford Brookes University

The exhibition coincides with the anniversary of the 800th anniversary of the Tree Charter. The original tree charter was signed by Henry III to protect the rights of people to access and use the Royal Forests. On the 6th November 2017 a new Tree Charter will be launched led by the Woodland Trust which will establish a set of values that promotes and protects trees.

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