NE Beds Independent candidate receives backing of former MP, Martin Bell

Adam Zerny & Martin Bell
Adam Zerny & Martin Bell, pictured together in 2011

North East Bedfordshire’s Independent candidate, Adam Zerny, has just received the backing of well-known former foreign correspondent and Independent MP, Martin Bell.

Central Bedfordshire councillor Adam Zerny is standing as an Independent candidate in Alistair Burt’s former constituency of North East Bedfordshire.<

The constituency includes the Bedford Borough wards of Bromham, Carlton, Clapham, Eastcotts, Great Barford, Harrold, Oakley, Riseley, Roxton, and Sharnbrook

Martin Bell, 81, is a former BBC foreign correspondent and is be came well-known for wearing white suits.

He was MP for Tatton from 1997 to 2001 after standing as an anti-corruption Independent against cash-for-questions-Conservative Neil Hamilton.

Mr Bell said this week, “I believe that Adam Zerny would be a brilliant MP and hope that he will be.

“I know from experience that it is possible, and widely appreciated, to serve in the House of Commons and represent the people not a party. Every vote is a free vote. I wish Adam every success.”

Cllr Zerny, has become well-known as a strong defender of a largely rural community hit by overdevelopment, lack of rural policing and delayed infrastructure.<

In his declaration video, which has been viewed by 18,000 people, Cllr Zerny said the public had told him they were, “sick of party politics. They want someone to stand-up for them, NOT just represent a political party.”

He added, “People are tired of the in-fighting and time-wasting over Brexit and the inability of Parliament to get anything else done.”

Cllr Zerny will face a tall order in a constituency where 60% of electors voted for ex-MP Burt at the 2017 election however, with Burt retired and the Conservative baton passed to former Bedford MP, Richard Fuller, defeated in the nearby constituency in 2017, the constituency could become a marginal.

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