‘Much-needed’ repairs to B530 near Kempston Hardwick to begin

B530 Kempston Hardwick
Image credit: Google Maps

Essential works to rebuild part of the B530 near Kempston Hardwick are scheduled next week (commencing 14 September), after part of the road began to sink in 2018.

In summer 2018, cracks appeared in the road on the B530 between the Interchange Retail Park and Kempston Hardwick. After the road began to sink, the road had become too dangerous for normal use.

A temporary speed limit was put in place and short-term works were carried out to ensure the road could continue to be safely used.

The much-needed repair works will include replacement of sections of the road drainage system together with resurfacing of the road.

To ensure the repairs are a permanent solution, the most badly affected stretch near Kempston Hardwick will be completely dug out and rebuilt.

The whole stretch of road between just south of the A421 bridge and Kempston Hardwick will be resurfaced.

In addition, the drainage system along the entire length of the road from the Interchange Retail Park and Kempston Hardwick will be cleaned, and much of it replaced to make the system more resilient for the future.

The works – starting week commencing Monday 14 September – are expected to be complete by early December.

Initially, the road will have temporary traffic lights to allow vehicles through, but when the full rebuild starts in early October the road will be fully closed.

There will be a signed diversion in place via Kempston.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Highways said, “Similarly to the A6 past Wilstead which we rebuilt recently, this stretch of road has come to the end of its life and is in critical need of replacing.

“However, as this is a much shorter stretch of road, we are expecting these works take much less time and to be completed by early December.

“We are doing these works with a view to the future and ensuring that the structure of this road lasts for the long term, and carrying out resurfacing works.”

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