Motor Neurone Disease sufferer, Debbie Burrells, continues inspirational mission for charity

Debbie Burrells
Debbie Burrells, who has Motor Neurone Disease is taking part in a sponsored 'walk' this week.

The inspirational Debbie Burrells has shown no signs of stopping her campaign to raise awareness and money for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association, despite her own complications with the disease.

Debbie has MND, which is incurable, and has now been diagnosed with laryngospasm vocal cord dysfunction in connection with the disease.

This means she now has a feeding tube as anything she swallows could end up in her lungs and choke her.

MND is a life-limiting, rapidly-progressing disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, attacking the nerves that control movement so muscles stop working. However, it does not usually affect senses such as sight, sound and touch.

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Despite this, Debbie’s spirit shines through and tomorrow (7 April) she’ll take part in a sponsored walk around Bedford’s Embankment.

Colour Shop Debbie Burrells
Michele and Charlotte of The Colour Shop with Debbie who recently helped raise cash for her campaign.

Debbie told us: “I have been plodding on as you do, but this disease is horrendous, no one in this day and age should suffer with such thing.

“Everything I eat now goes through my feeding tube, even my own saliva can be dangerous.

“My hands barely work and I am going to be fitted with splints and my speech is double Dutch. However, I am still fighting through to fundraise and raise awareness.”

The walk will be three miles around the embankment river in Bedford, followed by tea, cakes & raffle at The Bedford Swan Hotel.

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While Debbie cheekily admits she is “slightly cheating” by being in her wheelchair, she added, “if I had a choice I would be walking, running and laughing, instead I will be pushed as my legs are to weak to barely stand.

“My neck will have a collar on where the muscles are going and my hands will have splints on where the muscles are making them curl.

“Three miles is brave for me facing the elements, but I will still be there smiling and laughing.”

If anyone would like to donate direct to Debbie’s local fund to support MND Association please go to her Daisy Chain fundraising page here.

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