Momentum is key as Eagles face Aldershot in historic cup challenge

Eagles Aldershot
Image courtesy of Bedford Town F.C.

After getting through the qualifying rounds, Bedford Town F.C. will make history as they face Aldershot Town in the first round of the FA Trophy this Saturday.

“From my understanding, this is the first time in some 30 years that Bedford Town have managed to get to the first round of the FA Trophy.” Eagles’ manager Jon Taylor said.

“We are in better form now after recent wins. It would be a great achievement obviously if we get through to the next round.

“We’ve done some good homework and watched video footage on them. We have a good idea on their set ups. I find with us that we raise our game against the better opposition. The lads are really looking forward to Saturday, as am I.”

The better form that Taylor eludes to has come after his side scored an impressive six goals in the last two league wins, the latter of those wins on Saturday against North Leigh.

The manager has been impressed by his squad’s resilience after going tough and unfortunate circumstances. “We had a bit of a blip over the last month or so. We have been really been struggling with injuries and suspensions. It’s been a bit fragmented with players coming in and out. Most teams do have blips in the league around this time of year.

“I’m confident that we will hopefully continue the good momentum recently and get a good run of games under our belt” said Taylor.

That momentum can hopefully continue into this weekend’s cup challenge, but Taylor knows that his players must stay grounded at all times. “We won’t take anything for granted and make sure we stay grounded,” He added: “The lads need to be focused on every 90 minutes in front of them. It’s a fantastic challenge this week. Ultimately it’s now time for the lads to let their feet do the talking.”

Coaches are taking supporters to Aldershot on Saturday. Seats are going fast so don’t miss out! Check the club website for availability to get down and support them.

Words: Will Hooley

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