Letters: Moans about school planning permission is just NIMBYism

Rushmoor School
Image: Google, Streetview (Jul 2009)

Dear editor,

Most of the Manton Heights residents are up in arms about planning permission being granted for the new Rushmoor/St Andrews school.

Read: Private schools granted controversial planning approval for new Manton Lane site

Yet most people miss the point that Rushmoor school, is ALREADY in the area and the traffic is there.

Moving the school, will if anything aid congestion, as most of those school run cars will not have to come as far the roundabout at the bottom of Manton Lane, they will be going the other way towards Clapham.

Seems like this is a typical case of NIMBYs complaining, without actually taking the time to think things through.


David Browne
Turner way

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