Missing Pet: Have you seen missing Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Toby?

Toby the Cavalier King Charles spaniel
Toby, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, was last seen on Monday at 3.30pm

A devastated family are appealing for help to find their pet Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Toby, who they last saw in Renhold on Monday (9 November).

The rescue dog, who had been with his new owners for just three months, ran off near the Polhill Arms at 3.30pm and despite their best efforts, owners Mark and Kim couldn’t catch up with him.

“He got scared because we had dropped the retractable lead on the floor and it pinged up against him,” said Mark.

“This scared him very much so he ran at full speed away from it. He was too fast to be able to catch up to, but we continued to chase him down to the bottom of the T junction at the bottom of the hill by the Polhill Arms.

“Some nearby builders were able to see what way he ran but by then we had lost sight of him and could no longer see him. We searched all night but couldn’t find a trace of him.

“At 22:00 we found his harness and his retractable lead in some barbed wire by Willows Cattery in but no sign of him. We are hoping he still has his collar on as it has his name and our phone number on the tag.”

The family spent all day yesterday (Tuesday) searching for Toby and have printed dozens of posters to put up in the surrounding area in the hope that someone has seen or found him.

“We have only had Toby for about three months,” said Mark.

“He is a rescue dog and we think he is about six. He does not have very many teeth due to lack of care from his last home.

“We decided to take Toby in to our home and at first he was terrified of everything and everyone and he hid at the top of the garden and wouldn’t come down.

“After a few weeks of training and love we got him used to the family and show him that we’re not here to hurt him. He is still very scared and jittery so we don’t know if he’s running hiding or been taken in by someone.

“We are asking everyone and anyone to keep an eye out and if they have any news to contact us on the following numbers 07804772824 – 07816878859 – 07542373840.

“We love Toby with all our hearts even though we’ve not had him for a long time we know he is a part of our family and is incredibly missed: we will not stop searching, posting leaflets, calling for help or messaging possible sightings until he is found.

“We urge anyone that can to join our Facebook group to help us on our search to find Toby.”

You can also read and download the Doglost poster here.

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