Mid-Bedfordshire MP called “delusional” after claims voters have “nothing but support” for PM

Mid Bedfordshire MP, Nadine Dorries

Mid-Bedfordshire Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries, has been called “delusional” after claims people she had spoken to had “nothing but support” for the Prime Minister over lockdown ‘parties’ held at No.10.

Ms Dorries made the claims in an interview with Sky News yesterday (14 January) evening but voters in her constituency have been quick to highlight they’ve tried contacting their MP with very different views.

Commenting on the MP’s official Facebook page, one constituent said Culture Secretary Ms Dorries was “delusional” and “not representing her constituents properly” over the matter.

Another made claims they had been blocked from commenting on Ms Dorries’ Twitter posts for criticising the PM. “I am one of her constituents. She uses Twitter as a political platform and I was consistently challenging her misleading comments – she blocked me to prevent me from doing this,” they said.

One even went on to point out that Ms Dorries had seemingly contradicted the PM in his own apology. “‘I don’t believe that he is in the wrong’…… (sic) Erm. Boris stood up and said it himself, that he was in the wrong!” they said.

Another accused her of being “economical with the truth”.

Criticism of Ms Dorries follows similar comments aimed at Conservative colleague Richard Fuller, MP of North Bedfordshire, yesterday.

Mr Fuller has been criticised for his silence on the matter, despite voters in his area contacting him to ask if he believes the PM should resign.

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The Prime Minister has faced repeated calls to resign after it emerged a number of events had taken place during lockdown, including three at No.10, two of which happened the night before Prince Philip’s funeral.

The Daily Telegraph broke the news that two separate leaving parties were held on 16 April with “drinking continuing into the early hours”.

Both were said to be leaving parties for the former director of communications James Slack and a government photographer.

The Guardian has since reported that No 10 has apologised to the Queen for the two parties that took place in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral last year.

We contacted Ms Dorries’ office for her reaction to comments on her social media channels but they did not respond by the time of publication.

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