Mark Rutherford students win Bedford’s Youth Speaks competition

Mark Rutherford - Bedford’s Youth Speaks Winners

Mark Rutherford School’s public speaking team have won the Bedford round of the Youth Speaks competition.

The competition run by Rotary International had five other schools including St Andrews and Bedford School compete at Kempston Challenger Academy.

The team, GCSE students: Amy Buttice, Suzie Baker and Elena Coles spoke on the subject “Body donation, the ultimate act of charity?” focusing on the importance of medical research and organ donation.

Headteacher Mr Millard said, “Rotary’s Youth competitions offer a platform for young talent to shine and develop public speaking abilities. Our students had an opportunity to delve deep into research, formulate ideas and build confidence. We are very proud of the team’s success.”

They’ll now take part in a regional event early next year.

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