Made in Bedford shop and cafe launches at Number 13

Made in Bedford

This weekend, the team behind the popular Made in Bedford artisan fairs will open their new café and shop at Number 13 in St Paul’s Square.

Situated next to the Corn Exchange, Made in Bedford at Number 13 stocks products from 12 local makers, designers and crafters, with exhibitions by selected artists curated by Talia Giles.

The café will serve vegetarian and vegan fare from locally sourced ingredients and will be regularly hosting guest chefs.

Made in Bedford
All of the crockery has been sourced from local charity shops

“Everything we’ve used in the shopfit has been repurposed or sourced second-hand,” said Made in Bedford founder, Rachel Atkinson. “The whole ethos is to be ethically sustainable, providing a sales platform for the talented creatives in our area.”

Rachel’s Made in Bedford journey began at Bromham Mill in early 2016, where she ran the café and set up a small shop selling local products.

The artisan fairs at the Harpur Suite and Corn Exchange followed from October 2016 and Rachel tested the town centre retail concept at St Cuthbert’s Street last year. “I wanted to reprise the café/shop formula that was so successful at Bromham Mill,” said Rachel.

“Number 13 is the perfect venue for us. I’m loving it in here and I’m hoping that we’ll encourage customers to see Bedford in a different light.”

Cllr Sarah-Jayne Gallagher, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture said: “It is really exciting to see something truly unique come to Number 13.

It will be fantastic to see the work of local artists, designers, makers and producers hosted and celebrated in this in historic building, right on St Paul’s Square.”

The Made in Bedford café and shop will be open fully by the end of March. Number 13 will continue to operate as a bar and box office during performances at Bedford Corn Exchange.

Made in Bedford at Number 13 will be open 9.30am – 4.30pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

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