Lulu celebrates being cancer free & a step closer to ground-breaking US treatment

Lulu De Vries: cancer-free
Lulu de Vries celebrates being cancer-free

It’s the news that the de Vries family and all their supporters had been hoping for; six-year-old Lulu was yesterday (Thursday 30 May) declared cancer-free.

The diagnosis means that she now has a good chance to be accepted for clinical trials in New York, giving her a much better chance of survival from neuroblastoma, the form of cancer that she has so bravely been battling.

“Since we shared the monumental news yesterday, we’ve been overwhelmed by the lovely, lovely messages we’ve received,” said Lulu’s dad, Rob de Vries.

“For Lulu to be accepted for treatment in America she needed to be cancer-free and we had to raise £162,000.

“We’ve now done both of those things, so we’re now waiting for the green light from the hospital in New York to confirm she’s been accepted onto the trial.”

Lulu’s De Vries
Lulu’s De Vries

The family could be heading to the US as soon as 17 June, which will signal the first of five trips to America for treatment over the course of the next year.

“So many people have been following our story and it’s taken lots and lots of hard graft from all the fund-raisers and supporters to get us here,” said an emotional Rob.

“We’re so, so grateful for everyone’s support. Not just in Great Denham, but throughout Bedford. Thousands of people have helped us get here. Thank you!”