London Northwestern Railway relaunch ‘Symbol spot’ to teach kids life-long skills


London Northwestern Railway (LNR) have relaunched their popular ‘symbol spot’, encouraging families to get outdoors and learn together.

Following its successful launch last year, ‘symbol spot’ continues its journey teaching kids about map reading, rail safety and train timetables.

Children take the role of young explorers, putting their ‘spotting’ skills to the test by searching for hidden discs across the railway network.

Stephen Sleight, Partnership Officer for Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership, comments: “It’s fantastic to be able to relaunch our Symbol Spot project which was able to offer so much to families along the LNR Marston Vale Line when it launched last year.”

Relaunching on Saturday 5 June, in conjunction with Mini Map-Makers and the Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership (CRP), ‘Symbol Spot’ will run for the foreseeable future.

Vicky Cropper–Clarke, Head of Stakeholder and Community at London Northwestern Railway said: “With life and travel slowly returning back to normal, we know that parents will be looking for all sorts of enjoyable ways to keep their children entertained.’’

She said the programme was “very educational and will give children a chance to learn new life-long skills.”

To embark on the adventure, families need to collect an activity pack so they can locate discs along the LNR Marston Vale Line.

Packs are available from Milton Keynes Central, Bedford and Bletchley ticket offices, and Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre.

Explorers can start from the station of their choice and are encouraged to visit each station on the Bedford to Bletchley route, collecting etchings of the discs.

Once all discs are found, completed packs are returned to Ridgemont Station Heritage Centre and explorers will be rewarded with a special ‘completion coin’.

Director of Mini Map-Makers, Alice Gadney, said they were excited to relaunch such a ‘lovely project’ and “help families understand the heritage and local history – whilst having lots of fun along the way.”

To find out more about the London Northwestern Railway Symbol Spot activity, visit here.


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