‘Lockdown art’ exhibition launches at the Quarry Theatre

Portraits by Sharon de Leonardis

An exhibition of over 100 works of art created by members of the public during lockdown opens at the Quarry Theatre this Saturday (24 October).

The works were all submitted following a call out by theatre director, James Pharoah, who himself had taken up watercolour painting during lockdown.

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The exhibition features exquisite paper sculptures, stained glass, paintings and portraits. There’s even a knitted ‘diary’ of lockdown life.

It’s open on Saturday 24 October, Sunday 1 November, Saturday 14 November and Sunday 29 November from 12 – 2pm and entry is free.

To ensure social distancing, you’ll need to book a ticket via the Quarry Theatre website.

One of the canvasses in the exhibition was painted by nine-year-old Alice McDonald. A video will be shown, next to the exhibit, of Alice creating the work, which was completed during April and May 2020.

“Art is so important because it embraces our individuality and encourages us to think creatively,” said Alice’s mum, Philippa, who runs Creative Days art workshops.

“It’s accessible to absolutely anybody because there is no right or wrong, good or bad, only infinite possibilities.

“Our lockdown ‘painting days’ were often met with resistance, but being free from time constraints and commitments, this offered the perfect creative environment for me to keep encouraging Alice.

“Despite any initial reluctance she would then work with so much intent and composure and became completely absorbed in every stage. Watching the painting evolve was lovely.

“It provided focus and pride for Alice and hope for us all, as well as a beautiful visual memory of this unusual time we spent together as a family.”

The exhibition is in the foyer area of the Quarry Theatre and open to the public. Anyone with tickets to a performance at the venue is welcome to view the exhibition as part of their visit.

Describing the project, James said, “A time when we were all apart allowed us to produce something that has brought us together.”

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