‘Load of rubbish’ at the heart of Queens Park multi-cultural parade

QP Parade
Belinda from All Saints Church, Queens Park with two of the tentacles

The popular Queens Park multi-cultural parade takes place on Saturday 29 June, featuring a spectacular sea creature centrepiece made of discarded plastic to highlight the importance of recycling.

The giant plastic octopus has been created by community groups of all ages, with the help of artist, Mandy Caldon.

Mandy held three free workshops and worked with children from Queen’s Park Academy and St Joseph and St Gregory Catholic Primary schools, the Punjab school from Guru Nanak Gurdwara, the Sunday school from All Saints Church and Presentation House, who care for the elderly.

“This project has raised awareness for the Queens Park community regarding the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives and how it effects our environment,” said Mandy.

“The children really enjoyed making the octopus and parade props such as jelly fish, birds, tigers and seven trees inspired by the QP community orchard.

“Art plays a vital role to inspire change and a media most children love. After all, they will receive the plastic legacy so let’s do all we can to help them. Recycle now or, better still, don’t buy plastic!”

At the heart of the parade, the giant ‘rubbish octopus’ will set off from outside Tesco Metro in Midland Road at 2pm on Saturday 29 June.

The parade ends at the Queens Park Community Orchard at the Slipe, for a free festival featuring bouncy castles, sports taster sessions including free running, BMXing, basketball plus faceprinting, henna and more.

The Reduce Reuse Recycle theme will also continue with a clothes swap, bike care workshops with the BedPop Repair Shop, delicious vegan and vegetarian food stalls, electric cars and an insight into our local sustainable businesses.

Organiser, Marie-Ange Comerford-Raillon of the Queen’s Park Community Orchard, said: “The best way to show the strength and unity in our community is to come together and have fun. That’s exactly what this parade has always been about.

“This year we are also flying the flag for the effort Bedford is making to minimise its impact on the environment by reducing single-use plastic and reusing items wherever possible.

“Everyone is welcome – so come and celebrate with us.”

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