LIVE: Ukrainian students amongst those collecting GCSE results across Bedford Borough

(l-r) Ukrainians Risa White and Sofiia Yarema who collected their GCSE results today. Image: Sharnbrook Academy
(l-r) Ukrainians Risa White and Sofiia Yarema who collected their GCSE results today. Image: Sharnbrook Academy

The long-awaited results from in-person GCSE results are coming in today across Bedford Borough.

More than half a million students are receiving their GCSE results across the UK, with top grades falling in some areas but the number of students awarded top grades overall is almost at pre-pandemic levels.

Locally, several Bedford Borough schools are reporting their results and we’ll bring you the latest as they come in.

While many students will be concerned if they have not got the grades they hoped for, the advice is first and foremost to not worry. There is always a plan B.

Then, talk to your school or college. They can contact the exam board and ask to have your marks reviewed, after that you can also appeal if you still feel your paper has been unfairly graded.

Whether you’re taking A-levels or going to college, ask if you can resit exams while you study for the higher qualification. This may extend the time studying but it will get things started.

If you’re also not sure what you want to do, that’s ok too. Speak to family and friends, or a careers advisor. The National Careers Service Exam Results helpline offers judgment-free advice, for free, on the phone or by webchat.

The results across Bedford Borough are as follows.

Bedford School

Bedford School Year 11 boys are celebrating what the school says is “an impressive set” of GCSE results with almost half of all grades marked at 9 or 8 (the old A* grade); and “an impressive” 71% at 9-7 (A*- A), setting a new school record.

Head Master James Hodgson said, “We are delighted for this year’s GCSE boys, who have navigated the Covid years through school admirably and achieved some wonderful results at the end of it.

“While we have highlighted some of the most successful boys below, there were also many more great stories, every one of which is a personal triumph. I congratulate them all, and the teachers and parents, who have inspired them on their way.”

Despite national declining numbers in the creative arts subjects, many Bedford School boys excelled in art, music and drama, and combined these subjects with sciences and maths, and the considerable sporting opportunities at the school.

For many, they will continue these subjects, as well as newer subjects, such as media studies and computer science, in the Sixth Form.

  • Bedford School GCSE results day 2023
  • Bedford School GCSE results day 2023 Fred Dickson
  • Bedford School GCSE results day 2023 Eric Breslin
  • Bedford School GCSE results day 2023 Alexander Olleson
  • Bedford School GCSE results day 2023 1

Fred Dickson was beaming with seven 9s and three 8s after being a little anxious in the lead-up to results day, but is “delighted and pleasantly surprised” now his results have sunk in.

English Literature has always been Fred’s nemesis and he has worked hard throughout the last three years to lift his predicted mark. Thankfully, all his hard work paid off after achieving a top-scoring 9.

Fred said, “I had to work so hard for that. I attended all the English Literature clinics that were put on and met with my teachers during break time to go through past papers.”

Despite juggling a successful gymnastics career with his schoolwork, Eric Breslin was delighted with nine grade 9s and one grade 8. Eric, who is currently ranked 20th in the UK for gymnastics in his age group, explained, “I was quite nervous beforehand. I wasn’t sure how well I would do and I’m just happy the hard work has paid off.

Fitting my gymnastics in with revision time was probably my biggest challenge. I didn’t want to let the sports side of things slide, but I think I have managed it.” Eric was also recognised by the exam board for his high-scoring mark in art, and added a rare note to say, “Eric was one of the highest performers”.

Alexander Olleson opened his envelope of results at school in the ‘traditional’ way and was delighted to see eight grade 9s and two grade 8s printed on his certificate.

Alex said, “I’m quite surprised because the two subjects that I got 8s in were meant to be my strongest, but overall, I am absolutely delighted with my results.

“Physics was a subject that was a challenge for me and one I had to focus on most. It was a lot of hard work at the end and so I was really glad that came out as a 9.”

Alex explained that the school put on lots of clinics and extra sessions in the lead-up to the exams and that “the prep sessions in my boarding house enabled me to sit down and really focus.”

Alex, who was named the BBC Young Chorister of the Year in 2020, came to Bedford School on a music scholarship, so it’s perhaps not surprising that Alex has chosen music as one of his A-Levels (along with chemistry, biology and geography).

Bedford Girls School

  • Bedford Girls School GCSE Results day. Image:  Bedford Girls School
  • Bedford Girls School GCSE Results day. Image:  Bedford Girls School
  • Bedford Girls School GCSE Results day. Image:  Bedford Girls School
  • Bedford Girls School GCSE Results day. Image:  Bedford Girls School
  • Bedford Girls School GCSE Results day. Image:  Bedford Girls School

Bedford Girls’ School says they are “pleased to announce its excellent GCSE results, with two-thirds of entries achieving grades 9 to 7 (equivalent to A and above).”

Bedford Girls’ School is pleased to announce its excellent GCSE results, with two-thirds of entries achieving grades 9 to 7 (equivalent to A and above) and 21% marked at grade 9. This achievement builds upon a summer of strong outcomes in A Levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the school said: “Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this cohort embarked on their crucial years of study with determination.

“They have demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication, culminating in impressive results that underscore their commitment. Moreover, their active involvement in various aspects of life at BGS has been commendable.

Headmistress, Mrs Gemma Gibson, added, “I am confident you will join me in congratulating this cohort, while also wishing them immense success as they transition to the opportunities presented by their Sixth Form studies.”

“I would like to thank all of their teachers and the wider team at BGS for supporting, guiding and mentoring them through their Sixth Form studies. I have no doubt that this cohort will make a difference to the world around them.”

Kempston Academy

Students collection their results at Kempston Academy. Image: Kempston Academy
Students collection their results at Kempston Academy. Image: Kempston Academy

Karen Bateman, Headteacher at Kempston Academy, said: “Our students’ GCSE results are a true reflection of their strong work ethic, perseverance and determination. I couldn’t be prouder of their achievements today.

“At Kempston Academy, we encourage our students to be accepting of themselves and foster an environment where they continually expand their knowledge. The set of results today are testament to just that, and we take immense pride in seeing our students grow into resilient young adults.

“Disruption from the pandemic shouldn’t be forgotten, which forced students to study remotely as the UK tussled with the challenges of COVID-19. Despite these hurdles, the outstanding achievements we have seen are reflective of the hard work they have put in over a tumultuous few years.

“A huge thank you is owed to our remarkable staff who have nurtured, supported and consistently challenged our students, ultimately leading to these superb results. We look forward to welcoming many of them on their return to our Sixth Form in September.”

Impressive results were secured across various subjects, with Music in particular standing out and averaging at a Merit level.

Kempston Academy students highlighted for individual success include.

  • Twins Amalie and Tamzin Young both achieved highly. Within their results, Amalie received a Distinction in Performing Arts and a Grade 9 in English, whilst Tamzin received a Distinction* in Media.
  • Khojesta Wafa achieved a Distinction in BTEC Health and Social Care, a Distinction* in BTEC Hospitality and Catering, and a Distinction* in BTEC Media, as well as two Grade 8s in GCSE English and English Literature within their results.
  • Hadi Alshwij Awda achieved a Grade 9 in GCSE Arabic, a Merit in BTEC Business and Grade 7s in GCSE Computer Science, English and Maths within their results.
  • Izzanny Zahid achieved a Distinction* in BTEC Music, a Distinction in BTEC Sports and a Grade 8 in GCSE Maths within their results.
  • Eric Grecea achieved three Distinctions across BTEC IT, BTEC Media and BTEC Sports.

Castle Newnham

Castle Newnham has praised its students and says they are “delighted” to be sharing this year’s GCSE results. 

Principal Ruth Wilkes said: “We are very proud of our students today as they collect their GCSE results. This group of young people have impressed us with their resilience and enthusiasm for learning in spite of their route to GCSE having been far less than straightforward.

“They were in Year 8 when the pandemic and lockdown struck and so almost their entire secondary education was impacted upon in some way.

“Nevertheless, there have been some stunning results for individuals as well as results which tell a story of determination in overcoming personal challenges. 

The vast majority of our pupils will now be able to access their first-choice post-16 destination and we wish every one of the Class of 2023 all the very best on the next stage of their journey.”

Daubeney Academy

Daubeney Academy GCSE results 2023. Image: Daubeney Academy
Daubeney Academy GCSE results 2023. Image: Daubeney Academy

Students at Daubeney Academy, part of The Chiltern Learning Trust, are celebrating “fantastic” GCSE result success.

Some of the students who achieved particular success included Lucy Richards, Camden Martin-Harris, Evelyn Copperwheat, Cameron Barnes, Charlotte Porter and Madeline Shaw.

Chris Carter, Headteacher at Daubeney Academy, said: “’We are extremely proud of our year 11 pupils and the hard work they have put into their GCSEs. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents and carers of Daubeney Academy for your support over the last seven years.

“We would also like to thank all of our Daubeney Academy staff for the support and guidance they have given to the pupils. We are pleased to see that the continued improvements happening at the school are being maintained.”

Adrian Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of The Chiltern Learning Trust, said: “Congratulations to the students of Daubeney Academy on their outstanding GCSE results.

“As we celebrate these achievements, we are reminded that the journey of growth and excellence continues. Good luck on your 6th Form studies and future career paths.”

Lincroft Academy

  • Josh Gilmour and Katherine Papworth. Image: Lincroft Academy
  • Torin Macpherson. Image: Lincroft Academy
  • (l-r) Elliott Barr and Tomas Gudmonas Image: Lincroft Academy
  • Dahamsa Perera. Image: Lincroft Academy

Students and staff at Lincroft Academy say they have cause for celebration following the results of this year’s GCSE examinations.

“The results reflect the collective dedication of both students and staff, underscoring the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and personally,” said a spokesperson.

Four students – Tomas Gudmonas, Maia Morris, Dylan Dominique, Jayden Nyenya – achieved or exceeded their aspirational target grades in all their subjects across the curriculum:

Principal, Emma Appadoo, praised the effort of students and staff, and the support of parents, carers and families, “These GCSE results reflect our school’s ethos for students to be the best they can be, blending ambition and support.

“From target achievements to top grades, each student’s success embodies individual and collective effort. This success fuels our determination to foster an environment of excellence where potential thrives,” she said.

The following students were also singled out for their individual attainment.

  • Ruby-Ann Dutch: 8 x Grade 9 and 2 x Grade 8
  • Maddy Dyer: 8 x Grade 9 and 1 x Grade 8 and 1 x Grade 7
  • Dahamsa Perera: 9 x Grades 7 to 9
  • Krzysztof Domarus: 9 x Grades 7 to 9
  • Elliott Barr: 9 x Grades 7 to 9
  • Theo Reeson 9 x grades 7 to 9
  • Rachel Chen 9 x grades 7 to 9
  • Isabel Boddington 9 x grades 7 to 9
  • Mitchell Turner: 8 x Grades 7 to 9
  • Chloe Nichols: 8 x Grades 7 to 9

Richard Spencer, Executive Principal at Meridian Trust, said: “Our students’ achievements in this year’s GCSE results stand as a testament to their diligence and the consistent support of our teaching staff.

“Through their hard work and commitment, they have demonstrated the values of achievement and excellence that are fundamental to Meridian Trust. As we celebrate this success, we look ahead with excitement to the continued growth and accomplishments of our students.”

Sharnbrook Academy

Students at Sharnbrook Academy in Bedford are being congratulated today after receiving their “hard-earned and well-deserved” GCSE results.

Ethan Eremita Image: Sharnbrook Academy

Students’ results across the year group were said to be “excellent”, and some of the stand-out performances include:

  • Saachi Joshi who achieved ten grade 9s
  • Miles Thompson who achieved eight grade 9s, one grade 7 and a distinction
  • Lauren Drage who achieved six grade 9s, three grade 8s and one grade 7
  • Ethan Eremita who achieved five grade 9s, three grade 8s and two grade 7s

The school also gave recognition to two students from Ukraine, who achieved “a fantastic set of results” given that they only joined the school towards the end of Year 10.

  • Sofiia Yarema who achieved nine GCSEs at a grade 4 or above, including two Grade 9s
  • Risa White who achieved nine GCSEs at a grade 4 or above, including one grade 9 and one Grade 7

Clare Raku, Academy Principal at Sharnbrook Academy, part of Meridian Trust, said, “We are incredibly proud of our students and delighted they have achieved the grades needed to move onto the next stage of their education, training or employment. We also look forward to welcoming back many of them to the Sharnbrook Sixth Form in September.”

Richard Spencer, Executive Principal at Meridian Trust, said: “Congratulations to all of the students securing results today. Huge congratulations to their families who have provided them with so much support over recent years.

“These results reflect a huge amount of hard work from the staff at Sharnbrook Academy and the students themselves.

“We wish all students the very best in their next steps post-16 and look forward to welcoming many of them back to the Sixth Form in September.”

Bedford Greenacre Independent School

(l-r) Chloe, Leanne, Tyler and Charlie collecting their GCSE results. Image: Bedford Greenacre Independent School
(l-r) Chloe, Leanne, Tyler and Charlie collecting their GCSE results. Image: Bedford Greenacre Independent School

Bedford Greenacre Independent School say they are “delighted to announce a fantastic set of GCSE results for the academic year 2022/23.

“Having entered the post-pandemic era very successfully last year we are incredibly proud to announce a record set of results once again.”

While commenting that they are extremely impressed at the achievements of all their pupils, there are several pupils they say deserve special praise for the results they have received.

These include Ismael Alom, James Bellingham, Will Byrne, Sze Wing Chan, Grace Constant, Charlie Cunnington, William Gaillard, Ana Mohedano De Las Cuevas, Tyler Roach, Rebecca Sharp, Harry Smith, David Solomon, Erik Treis, Brandon Venn and Luke Wilson.

The school says they achieved a “incredibly impressive sets of results across the board with several top grades included.”

Several subjects including Dance, Drama, French, Further Maths, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Music and Statistics all achieved 100% grade 4 or above for all entries.

The English and Maths departments also enjoyed their best results ever for the second year running, bucking the national trend this year which is “hugely impressive from our non-selective cohort”, said a spokesperson for the school.

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