LIVE: General Election 2019

General Election 2019

We’ll be updating this live blog as soon as the winners for each seat covered by the Bedford Independent is announced.

We’ll be with you from 10pm, as soon as the polls close and right through to the end, which is expected at 3am 13 December 2019

Full updates below. You may need to refresh the page for the latest updates.

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Latest Updates

04:38, 13 December 2019

Richard FullerRichard Fuller has ensured that North East Bedfordshire remains Conservative.

Richard Fuller (Con) 38,443
Julian Vaughn (Lab) 14,160
Daniel Norton (LibDem) 7,999
Adam Zerny (Ind) 2,525
Philippa Fleming (Green) 1,891

03:58, 13 December 2019

Labour have it.

Mohammad Yasin MP
Mohammad Yasin
Pic credit: Chris McAndrew

Mohammad Yasin (Lab) 20,491
Ryan Henson (Con) 20,346
Henry Vann (LibDem) 4,608
Adrian Spurrell (Green) 960
Charles Bunker (Brexit) 806

Turnout: 66%

03:39, 13 December 2019

Phil Simpkins, acting returning officer has declared a result for Bedford. We’re waiting for it to be confirmed…

02:46, 13 December 2019

Second re-count in progress. Sources suggest there are just 140 votes in it.

02:21, 13 December 2019

An unofficial Labour source has said that it looks as though the party has edged ahead in Bedford & Kempston.

Always a close call, it could still go either way…

02:05, 13 December 2019

In other news, the Borough’s comms team have come up trumps…

02:04, 13 December 2019

The TV crews are setting up around the stage in the media tent. It’s quite hard to hear the TV coverage over the sound of the rain hammering down onto the roof of the marquee and the whirr of the heaters. All glamour here!

01:57, 13 December 2019

We’re hearing that there’s just one more box to count. Stay tuned…

01:01, 13 December 2019

Midnight feast of champions…

00:50, 13 December 2019

Former head of Bedford Free School, Mark Lehain was contesting the Labour-held Newcastle North seat.

He took 33.2% of the vote, but the seat has been retained by Catherine McKinnell with 45.5%.

As he heads back down south to his Bedford home, we look forward to finding out what his political plans are for the future – and whether they’ll be closer to home…

12:14, 13 December 2019

I’m here, I’m teetotal and I’m driving, so hold off on the gin…  I do hear that Creme Eggs are available though, so if anyone’s passing the all-night garage, feel free to get me one (some)….(all of them)….

23:51, 12 December 2019

Well, that’s it from me for the night. I’m going home to bed, after a gin. Erica Roffe is taking over now, play nicely.

23:49, 12 December 2019

I’ve received so many offers of gin. Bedford is the BEST.

23:35, 12 December 2019

As you’ll know, it’s a tight race in Bedford between Conservatives and Labour. The Conservatives need just 0.8% swing to win. Talking to a few people from all parties here now, there’s a feeling from the floor that they may do it.

23:17, 12 December 2019

All Bedford ballot boxes now here.

23:15, 12 December 2019

A reader tells us that they think the last count at the Corn Exchange was in 1997 when Blair won a Labour landslide. Any other suggestions?

23:13, 12 December 2019

No gin but lots of snacks and beer… Brewdog’s Independent Pale Ale, was an obvious choice.

General Election 2019 snacks22:57, 12 December 2019

Vann (Lib Dem) and Spurrell (Green) seem to be the only candidates here so far.

Neither has brought us any gin.

22:56, 12 December 2019

Here’s a fun fact for you, since 1997, when the boundaries for Bedford & Kempston were changed, this constituency has reflected the national Government, apart from when Mohammad Yasin was elected in 2017.

  • 1997-2010: Patrick Hall (Lab) under Blair/Brown
  • 2010-2017: Richard Fuller (Con) under Cameron/May

22:45, 12 December 2019

Getting busy on the floor… absolutely freezing in the media tent. Lots of ice… no gin.

22:30, 12 December 2019

Henry Vann, Lib Dem candidate for Bedford & Kempston, says he’s walked 42,000 steps and 30k TODAY. His online fitness programme will be available in the new year.

22:08, 12 December 2019

The first ballot box has arrived…

21:52, 12 December 2019

Just trying to work out when the last count at the Corn Exchange was. It was years ago, anyone remember counting votes there? Bedford Borough Council have also hosted counts at the Bunyan Centre before moving to the Uni of Beds for the Mayoral and Local Elections earlier this year.

21:50, 12 December 2019

Postal votes have arrived in their secure boxes. Count staff itching to get on with it but they can’t open them until 10pm.

21:31, 12 December 2019

Forgot my gin. 🤦🏻‍♂️😩

21:29, 12 December 2019

National interest in Bedford as one of the marginal seats and battle grounds between Labour and Conservative. Rumours abound that there could be as few as 100 votes in it. Nail biting stuff.

21:15, 12 December 2019

Good evening, all. Paul Hutchinson here with you for the first part of this evening. Not much happening at the moment at the University of Bedfordshire, plus the media have been relegated to a tent outside. It’s cold, but that’s ok because it’ll mean my gin stays cold.

General Election 2019 media tent
General Election 2019 media tent

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