LIVE: Bedford Borough schools announce their A-level results

Mark Rutherford students celebrate their results A-levels class of 2022
Mark Rutherford students celebrate their 2022 A-level results

Today is a big day for many students across Bedford Borough as they announce their A-level results.

Nationally, the BBC is reporting that around 36.4% of pupils have achieved A* and A grades.

This is down on last year when 44.8% of pupils were awarded A grades and above.

This year’s marking system has been adjusted with grades reflecting a midway point between 2019 and 2021.

In 2019, 25.4% of students received A* and A grades, but when teacher-assessed grades were used in 2021, this led to an increases in top marks.

England’s exam watchdog has said the approach was intended to bring grades closer to pre-pandemic levels. “we are in a pandemic recovery period and students’ education has been disrupted,” they said.

It is the first time since 2019 that A-level grades have been based on public exams. The last two years saw exams cancelled due to Covid.

T-level, BTec and other results will also be announced this morning.

The latest news from Bedford Borough schools and Bedford College/Bedford Sixth Form will be added as they release their results.

Bedford Greenacre Independent School

The first results issued this morning are from Bedford Greenacre.

Their head of sixth form Richard Woodward firstly paid tribute to the hard work and resilience of their sixth-form students during a period of unprecedented upheaval.

“This has undoubtedly impacted on the students’ learning journey but in spite of this turbulence, overall our sixth formers have achieved some very pleasing results which will give them an important springboard to help them move on to the next phase of their lives,” he said.

Overall 98% of entries achieved a pass grade A-E and a quarter of those were A*/A/B grades. We would like to give special mention to Archie Tomblin and Tom Berridge for their excellent results and all students have done remarkably well given the challenges that they have faced.

Richard added, “we hope that our students will reflect on their sixth form studies as a critical stepping-stone not just academically but also socially and we are immensely proud of the intelligent, kind, mature and thoughtful young people that they have become. We wish them every future success.”

Bedford Sixth Form

The Bedford Sixth Form is celebrating the highest range of A* and A Grade “A” Level results since it opened ten years ago.

They say standards there have consistently risen with more than 22.8% gaining those top grades this year, compared to 16.5% when examinations were last taken in 2019.

Zipporah Korangteng is heading for a course in Social Work at the University of Bedfordshire after passing three A Levels at Bedford Sixth Form.
Zipporah Korangteng is heading for a course in Social Work at the University of Bedfordshire after passing three A Levels at Bedford Sixth Form.

Head Helen Smith said: “I am so proud of our staff and students who have achieved such positive results during such challenging times.”

Students won first-choice places at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, York, Durham, Exeter, Liverpool, Bristol and Kings College and Royal Holloway in London, as well the University of Bedfordshire.

Successes also included Diplomas (equivalent to 3 A Levels) for Charlotte Fisher, of Clapham and Isabella Hayes-Templeton, of Biddehnham.

They both achieved triple distinctions in Health and Social Care and are both off to Brighton University to study Paramedic Science.

She said: “The staff here have been amazing and worked so hard to help us all during Covid.”

Sharnbrook Academy

The Director of Sixth Form at Sharnbrook Academy, Daniel Baxby, has said they are “extremely pleased and proud of the results our students have achieved” in this year’s A-levels.

Amongst the results across the year group, the school highlighted what they called “many exceptional individual performances.”

  • Natalie Mutiswa achieved one A* grade and two As. She is now heading to the University of Cambridge to read geography
  • Ava-Maria Chand achieved 3 A grades. Ava-Maria is off to the University of Birmingham to study physiotherapy
  • Lucy Cooper achieved 2 A* grades and 1A. She is off to the University of Birmingham to read medicine
  • Simon Keenan achieved 3 A grades. Simon is going to the University of Sheffield to read Chemistry
  • Penny Mitchell achieved one A* and two A grades. Penny is off to the University of Newcastle to read law
  • Frankie Valentino-Karara achieved 2 A* grades and 1 A. Frankie is off to the University of Nottingham to read law
  • Harvey Parker achieved an A* grade and 2 As. Harvey is going to read law at the University of Nottingham

Clare Raku, Principal at Sharnbrook Academy added, “on behalf of all staff at Sharnbrook Academy, we wish our students the very best for the future and the next part of their exciting journey to come.

“We are immensely proud of what our sixth form students have achieved, and the challenges they have overcome.”

Mark Rutherford

With the results still coming in, the head of Mark Rutherford school has said they are “very pleased” with the results their A-level students achieved this year.

Mark Rutherford students celebrate their results A-levels class of 2022
Mark Rutherford students celebrate their 2022 A-level results

Mrs Foster, said the students have worked “incredibly hard” and highlighted how they had to be prepared for their exams as they had not sat their GCSEs in the same way.

Those moving on to university have secured a number of competitive places to read a wide range of subjects including Geography at Cambridge and Medicine at Bath.

The percentage of A* and A grades is in line with the national average. Students who achieved the highest grades across all their subjects include:

  • Amber – D*, D*, D (BTEC Sport and Exercise Science)
  • Chloe – D*, A, A, A (BTEC Sport and Exercise Science, Biology, Psychology and Core Maths)
  • Ethan – A*, A*, A, A (Computer Science, Cyber EPQ, Maths and Physics)
  • Jake – A*, A, A, B (Maths, History, Physics and English Language)
  • Jasmin – A, A, Distinction (Fine Art, Criminology and BTEC Business Studies)
  • Kayden – D*, D*, D (BTEC Sport and Exercise Science)
  • Mia – A*, A*, A* (Business Studies, English Language and Psychology)
  • Orla – A*, A*, A (English Literature, History and Geography)
  • Shaan – A, A, A (Business Studies, English Literature and History)
  • Sophie – A*, A*, A*, A* (Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics)

Mrs Foster added, “One of the highlights of the academic year is seeing students open their results and celebrate their achievements with their friends and teachers.

“We always look forward to hearing from the students and their successes once they have started the next phase of their journey as confident and independent young adults.”

The school is now inviting anyone who would like to join their Sixth Form, where students are supported and cared for by our dedicated and experienced teachers, to contact them via the school’s website.

Bedford School

Bedford School has announced that their A-level students are “off to top universities” thanks to their results.

In a statement to media, the school said that after the boys “discovered their passions and strengths during their time at school” they will now be heading to universities including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Edinburgh, Imperial College, York, St Andrews, Durham and Leeds.

Here they will study law, engineering, economics, fine art, architecture, philosophy, game design, and sports journalism. Eight of them will study medicine.

Some boys will even go off to more unique destinations, with five boys securing places at universities in the USA.

One will take up an organ scholarship at St David’s Cathedral in Wales, one will begin a degree apprenticeship with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and one has already begun playing rugby for Scotland U20s.

“I am hugely proud of this year’s leavers,” said headmaster, James Hodgson, “They truly are a group of fine young men who have distinguished themselves across all areas of school life and capped their achievements with a superb set of results.

“We wish them well as they head their various ways (and look forward to staying in touch as Old Bedfordians).”

The school highlighted some of their results

  • Reuben Glenville achieved five A* grades in maths, further maths, physics and in his Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and has secured a place to study engineering at Cambridge
  • James Deardon gained five A* grades in maths, physics, chemistry, biology and (Extended Project Qualification) EPQ which will now see him read Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh University.
  • Dylan Swain was both relieved and delighted to receive three A* and two A grades in classics, English literature, politics, Latin and EPQ respectively. He’s now off to the University of St Andrews to read Classics
  • Rugby Scholar Callum Smyth, who joined us at the start of Sixth Form, achieved an A in Design and Technology. After receiving average GCSE results at a state school, Callum planned to become a farmer.He was however offered a rugby scholarship and now with three A levels under his belt, is off to represent Scotland U20s and play for Scottish premiership team Southern Knights
  • Anish Katechia’s three A* grades secured his offer from PricewaterhouseCoopers where he will begin one of just 60 degree apprenticeships on their ‘Flying Start’ programme while studying at Manchester University.This will see him work towards qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in under five years (usually it takes eight years) while studying at Manchester University and one semester working on the job at the PricewaterhouseCoopers offices.
  • Olaoluwa Apesin bagged four A grades and one A* and is one of eight medics from this year’s cohort and will begin a course reading medicine at Queen Mary University of London this September.
  • Twins James and Alex Moffat will go their separate ways after securing their results. James gained A*,A*,A, B and will study Philosophy at Durham University.Alex achieved A*, A, A and has chosen to take a gap year working in his old Prep School, Aldwickbury, as a teaching assistant and sports coach.

St Thomas More

“We are exceptionally proud of all our students, the resilience and determination they have shown throughout the last years of their educational journey with us has been exceptional,” said Kirsten Bernard, Director of Sixth Form at St Thomas More.

Like other students, those receiving their A-levels were given GCSE grades in 2020 and so this was every student’s chance to show what they could do by sitting their exams.

85% of St Thomas More students gained access to their first choice University. Their top students also contributed to their overall % of A*-A or equivalent grades, including:

  • Olivia Marsh- A* A* A* A
  • Simon Brewer- A* A* A, heading to the University of Manchester to read Biochemistry with a Foreign Language
  • Alex Ventrone-A* A* A moving onto read Medicine at Birmingham
  • Alex Seers- A* A A taking a well deserved gap year
  • Ashley Thomas-A*A B- heading to Nottingham to study Politics and Economics
  • Mikolaj Mackowiak-A* A*B moving to Salford to study Journalism
  • Henri Xhukellari- AAB
  • Lucia Carrasco-Menendes- grades ABB heading to Stella Mann Dance College to study Performing Arts
  • Reidson Muhumba- Distinction B B – moving to Aston to study Computing
  • Ethan Horsman- BBB heading to Durham to read Business and Management

“There was a real buzz in school, the morning had purpose and meaning for all our students,” added Kirsten. “Well done to all of our students who completed their post-16 qualifications.

“You have done yourself proud and we wish you the best of success for your future.”

Bedford Girls School

Bedford Girls’ School is celebrating the success of its Upper Sixth outstanding A-level results, to add to their excellent IB Diploma results earlier in the summer.

80% of the entries have been awarded A*-B (combined A Level and IB Diploma).

Students are now preparing to study at a huge range of universities, including Oxford, Edinburgh, Loughborough, Sheffield, Goldsmiths, Bristol, Exeter, Newcastle, UCL, Warwick, York and others.

They will undertake courses ranging from Medicine, Law, Aerospace Engineering, Astro-Physics and Computer Science to Psychology, Economics, English and Fashion Marketing.

Mrs Gemma Gibson, Headmistress of Bedford Girls’ School, highlighted how the students were not able to take GCSE examinations and how Covid impacted further studies.

“I am so proud of these students, she said, ” they have continued to work extremely hard, and come out not only with excellent results but with the intellect and skills to be the change-makers of tomorrow.

“I have no doubt that they will make a difference to the world around them and I wish them great success with the next stage of their education.”

This is a live update and may change as more information becomes available.

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