Live: Bedford Borough GCSE results

Harry Noon
Harry Noon, Rushmoor School, was just one of many students receiving their GCSE results today

Throughout the day we’ll be adding each school’s GCSE results as we receive them.

Good luck to all students receiving their results today. Please keep checking back for the latest updates.

The most recent results received will be at the top of the page

Bedford School

Bedford School GCSE 2019 aBoys at Bedford School were said to be rejoicing after another record-breaking set of GCSE results.

With 47% of grades awarded 9-8 grade (the old A* grade), the class of 2019 have beaten last year’s record results by 3%.

Following the reform of GSCE grades, a new grade 9 was introduced which is reserved for the very top achievers.

Over 20% of papers were marked at the top grade 9 against a national average of 3.7% for boys (5.2% for girls). Additionally, 65% of papers were marked at 9-7 (A*-A) against a national average of 18.6% for boys (25.3% for girls).

Typically, at Bedford School, boys take 10 GCSEs. This year no fewer than 30 boys achieved at least nine grades 9-8 (A*), with George Winder scoring ten straight 9 grades.

Bedford School GCSE 2019
Boys at Bedford School

Bedford School Head Master, James Hodgson, said, “This is another superb set of results and underlines some of the benefits to boys of being educated in a single sex environment at this age.

“These boys have worked hard, with and for each other, and thoroughly deserve their success.

“Whilst we have highlighted the top end here, there were also many great individual successes away from top grades, and these are every bit as important; as of course are all the wonderful things these boys achieve outside the classroom, away from academia.

“Well done to them all; and we look forward to guiding their development, in whatever individual shape that might take, in the Sixth Form.”

Kempston Challenger Academy

Kempston Challenger Academy GCSE 2019
Kempston Challenger Academy pupils

This year’s GCSE results has seen Kempston Challenger Academy (KCA) maintain the jump in results achieved last year.

The number of 9-4 grades, (equivalent to A*- C) rose by 2% and sees the school with its highest ever level of exam success. Similarly, the number of students achieving the higher 9-5 grades also rose.

Headteacher Mrs Joanne Young said “This Year 11 produced the highest number of top grades that KCA has ever seen and is testament to the hard work and dedication shown by those students and their supportive teachers.

“It is particularly pleasing to see the higher numbers of the very top grades, with more 9, 8 and 7s than the school has ever seen before.”

These GCSE results come a week after KCA 6th Form students achieved the highest A Level exam results in the school’s history.

Anyone who is interested in joining KCA’s 6th Form, should contact Mrs Davis on 01234 290900 or email

Bedford Girls’ School

Bedford Girls’ School have announced nearly 70% of all GCSE entries achieved grades 9-7 (A*-A), with one third of the year group being awarded ten grades 9-7 (A*-A) across their subjects.

Overall, the School achieved a 96% pass rate (9-4).

Miss Jo MacKenzie, Headmistress of Bedford Girls’ School, said: “I am extremely proud of the girls and their achievements, we have once again maintained exceptionally high standards.

“The girls have achieved excellent results, whilst also developing a wider set of skills, and they can now embrace the opportunities that Sixth Form study will bring with confidence.

“I look forward to seeing them flourish.

“These results come at the end of a summer of success, with impressive results at both A Level and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

“They are testament to our ethos and teaching which focuses on developing within each student intellectual curiosity and a sense of self-belief, so that they can truly succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Bedford Modern School

Bedford Modern School say 43% of GCSE grades awarded were 9, 8 or A*, the highest number in the school’s history.

18% of the grades hit the top mark of 9 and the average grade achieved was a 7(A).

Michael Chamberlain was the top performing student in the year group achieving a clean-sweep of 11 grade 9s and an A in Additional Maths.

He said: “I am delighted with my results. I am so grateful for the support from my teachers and couldn’t have achieved this without them.”

Michael will be staying at BMS to study Chemistry, German, Maths and Further Maths and aspires to study Maths or Science at Cambridge in the future.

Michael is also a talented musician and composer and can often be found in the school’s Music Department.

Michael Chamberlain
Michael Chamberlain

Top performing female student, Hanna Lewicka, achieved an impressive nine grade 9s and will now go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and German at A Level.

She commented: “I am very happy with my results and pleased that all my hard work has paid off. I am looking forward to joining the Sixth Form and hope to study veterinary medicine at university.”

Bedford Modern School Headmaster, Alex Tate, added: “Despite all the pressures brought about by changes to GCSEs during the past couple of years, this really is an excellent set of results.

With an impressive 98% of grades at 9 – 4 or A* – C, our students should be very proud indeed. Notably, these young people attain high grades as well as participating fully in sport, drama, music and other co-curricular activities.

I look forward to welcoming so many of them back in September to begin their A Level studies.”

Biddenham Upper

Biddenham says they’ve achieved their best ever results, with the school’s Science and RS grades were particularly notable with considerable success in the higher grades.

The following students achieved 7 to 9 grades (A*A) in many of their subjects:

  • Niko Turner
  • Alfie Rushby
  • Simas Macys
  • Aiden Tse
  • Emmanuel Azare
  • Robin Masih
  • Fergus Armstrong
  • Sahar Houssaini
  • Freddie Maroney
  • Lukasz Wrzeszczynski
  • Ameisha Begum

Head of School, Eleanor Grylls commented, “As every year we are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students – who through hard work and a love of learning – allow themselves to achieve great things and realise their dreams and ambitions.

“A special mention must go to the staff team at Biddenham who have worked tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of success for all our students – it’s a potent partnership and we look forward to working with them over the next two years of Sixth Form study.”

Sharnbrook Academy

Sharnbrook Academy say their students achieved 160 of the highest grade (grade 9) and their attainment of the highest grades (7-9) was 1.4% above national figures.

Eight students achieved six or more grade 9s, with two students achieving nine of these highest grades and three students achieving eight.

Of nearly 4000 GCSE exams taken at the school, 76.7% of these were awarded the standard pass (grade 4) with 59.3% a strong pass (grade 5).

Notable achievements were made by:

  • Theo Bredell 9 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8, 1 x grade A in further maths
  • Catherine Brewer 9 x grade 9, 1 x grade 8, 1 x A* in further maths, 1 x grade 6
  • Mya Hesketh-Bream 8 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8, 1 x grade 7
  • Emma Riley 8 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8, 1 x grade A in further maths, 1 x grade 6
  • Anna Brewer 7 x grade 9, 2 x grade 8, 1 x A^ in further maths, 1 x grade 7
  • Niamh Lewis 6 x grade 9, 4 x grade 8, 1 x grade 7
  • Malak Mahran 6 x grade 9, 3 x grade 8, 2 x grade 7, 1 x A in further maths

A spokesperson added: “At Sharnbrook, we are so proud of all our students who have worked so hard this year to achieve these excellent results and of our staff who work tirelessly to support our students.”

Bedford Academy

Bedford Academy are celebrating their GCSE results with what they say is “positive progress, building on last year’s success in a period where there has been major changes to the school.”

Maths and English continue to make excellent progress towards national averages and their broad and balanced curriculum has enabled students to excel in options subjects.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Particularly strong results have also been achieved by students in Religious Studies, Child Development, Health and Social Care, Music, Food and Sport qualifications.

“These outcomes have been secured as a direct result of the fantastic efforts of students and staff at the school. Individual student successes include:

  • Blessy Inbaraj: 7 grade 9’s, 2 grade 8’s and a Distinction*
  • Serendipity Bath: 3 grade 9’s, 5 grade 8’s, Distinction* and a Distinction
  • Kamran Chalal: 3 grade 9’s, 4 grade 8’s, 2 grade 7’s and a Distinction

“We are extremely proud of all of our staff and students for their fantastic efforts in the last Academic Year and we look forward to building on this success from September 2019 onwards.”

Rushmoor School

Rushmoor School have secured a higher percentage of students achieving five or more GCSE passes at grade 4-9.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We are proud of the achievements of all our students as they have worked hard throughout their time at Rushmoor, but there are several students who deserve special praise for their results:

  • Binyamin Abubakar
  • Jack Deakin
  • Simeon Gay
  • Harry Noon
  • Harvey-Peter McCardie
  • Tom Sayer
  • Atharva Vanage

“All achieved incredibly impressive sets of results.”

“We are also extremely pleased with our students who have achieved 100% pass rate in further maths and a particular mention to Olivier Gaillard our Year 10 student who achieved an A* in this subject.”

The school say these results reflect the broad and balanced curriculum provided at Rushmoor, with pupils achieving high results across all areas of the curriculum, particularly in the core subjects.

“We are extremely proud of our students in Art and Design where 21% of students have achieved the very top grade of 9,” added the spokesperson.

“Our languages department achieved a 100% pass rate at 4-9, with half achieving grades 7-9, which is just reward for all their hard work.”

Many of the students will continue their education in Rushmoor’s Sixth Form, but anyone else who may like to take a space can contact the school to look around and discuss options.

Bedford Free School

Bedford Free School say they’re celebrating after achieving “world-class” GCSE results.

This year’s results are the best ever at the school and place this cohort of students well above national averages, even though they attained significantly below national and local averages when aged 11, before they joined the free school.

The school recorded:

  • 65% achieved a grade 4 (pass) or better in both of the tough English & Maths GCSEs – 44% achieved a grade 5 (strong pass) or better in both English and Maths
  • Well over 80% achieved a grade 4 or better in at least two science GCSEs
  • 50% of our pupils achieved grade 4 in the English Baccalaureate, significantly above the national average for this measure of broad academic success
  • Passes at grade 4+, 5+ and 7+ increase again across almost all subjects
  • Bedford Free School’s ‘class of 2019’ arrived at school at age 11 with starting attainment significantly below average, and are leaving at age 16 with attainment significantly above average
  • Very consistent high performance at GCSE across a wide range of subjects – other highlights include (all percentages grades 9-4): English 79%, maths 72%, English literature 75%, Spanish 68%, French 93%, geography 71%, history 71%, computing 73%, RE 100%

Principal at the school, Tim Blake, said: “I am very proud of our school. The community of staff and pupils deserve the huge successes we are celebrating this morning.

“This is the outcome of five years of incredibly hard work. I am privileged to have worked alongside fantastic parents, pupils and my wonderful and committed staff team, all of whom have contributed to these achievements.

“Staff and pupils have really embraced the motto of the school, to ‘go the extra mile’

“I cannot wait to see what this group of pupils goes on to achieve and contribute to Bedford and the country.”

St. Andrew’s

Principal, Mr Ian Daniel says he’s delighted with this year’s results: “It has been another pleasing year for St Andrew’s departing Year 11 students as they were able to achieve a 9-1 pass rate of 100% overall.

“The majority of students secured at least five grades between 9-4 which considering the recent academic changes to GCSE curriculum’s is especially pleasing.

“It is always hard to fully quantify the impact of a school such as St Andrew’s has on any individual, but these grades will certainly enable our girls to make their desired next step in life.

“As ever we are all tremendously proud of our students and what they have been able to achieve and who they have become during this time of undoubted stress.

“The efforts of Jemima Tompkins and Caroline Demuth are particularly noteworthy, both achieved a fine set of results, with Caroline sitting two GCSE’s a year early.

“We would like to wish them all the very best as they embark upon their future endeavours.

St Andrew’s have told us that a number of pupils will be remaining at the school in their Sixth form based at Rushmoor School Bedford. However, there are still some places available and anyone who would like to come and look around can drop in over the next couple of days.

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