Liberal Democrat deputy leader says they’ve shown government how to help with cost of living crisis

(l-r) Daisy Cooper MP, candidate Emma Holland-Lindsay, Sarah Dyke MP in Flitwick. Image: Liberal Democrat Party
(l-r) Daisy Cooper MP, candidate Emma Holland-Lindsay, Sarah Dyke MP in Flitwick. Image: Liberal Democrat Party

The Liberal Democrat deputy leader said her party has “repeatedly” told the government where it could get money from to help those suffering from the cost of living crisis.

During her visit to join up with by-election campaigning in Maulden, Daisy Cooper MP, said: “We were the first party to call for a windfall tax, for example.

“We said creating a proper windfall tax on the big oil and gas companies and that money could be used to support people with their energy bills.

“But also to decarbonise homes and have a home insulation programme starting with those people who are living in fuel poverty. We’ve been calling for a proper windfall tax for a very long time now.

“The Conservatives put one in place, but it was a bit half-hearted and they haven’t raised as much money as they could have done,” she claimed.

“There are other policies that we’ve called for [such as] a mortgage protection fund to help those people who are on the lowest salaries but are facing the biggest increases in their mortgages and who are at risk of having their homes repossessed.

“We said this could be paid for through a particular reversing of taxes and the government has [instead] slashed taxes for the big banks. If they reverse that tax cut for the big bank they could spend that money on a mortgage protection fund.

“So time and time again, the Liberal Democrats have outlined our policies and our priorities. We explain where the money can come from, and we’ve put those proposals to the government.

“And time and time again the government shows us whose side they’re on. They’re on the side of the big oil and gas companies and the big banks,” she said.

Ms Cooper was in Mid Bedfordshire to support Emma Holland-Lindsay’s campaign to replace Nadine Dorries, who officially resigned over the weekend.

As Ms Cooper had outlined examples when the Conservative government ignored her party’s proposals, the Local Democracy Reporting Service asked what was the point of voting Liberal Democrat.

“The Liberal Democrats at the local level give you a hard-working local MP, but at the national level we are fighting and winning the battle of ideas,” she said.

“We were the first party to call for a windfall tax and the Conservatives ended up doing that. We were the first party to call for the energy price hike to be scrapped and the government then did that.

“We were the first party to expose in parliament the absolute scandal that the government is allowing water companies to pump sewage into our rivers with impunity.

“And we’ve forced the Conservative government to act on that as well.

“With the Liberal Democrats not only do you get hard-working local MPs who are visible in their community and on the ground helping people with their everyday problems.

“You get a party in parliament that is leading and winning the battle of ideas and being a really strong opposition to the Conservatives,” she said.

The date for the Mid Bedfordshire by-election has yet to be determined.

by John Guinn
Local Democracy Reporter

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