Lib Dems stick with Jas Parmar for PCC candidate

Jas Parmar
Jas Parmar Image: Bedfordshire Liberal Democrats

Bedfordshire’s Liberal Democrats have re-selected Jas Parmar as their candidate in the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections in the area.

The former police officer was selected for the May 2021 election, coming third.

Mr Parmar, has had five years of real, frontline policing experience, and has also spent the last seven years contributing significantly as the member and now Chair of the Independent Advisory Group to Bedfordshire Police.

Speaking about his selection, Mr Parmar said: “As a former Police Officer and local resident, I will use my real-life experience to foster a safer community.

“My approach involves openness, cutting waste at the centre to support front-line police officers, and active engagement with the public to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our police service.

Beyond his law enforcement background, the Lib Dems describe him as a dedicated family man, business owner, and community leader, having lived in Bedfordshire for 37 years.

He is a former Bedford Borough councillor, non-executive director of East London Foundation (NHS) Trust, and now governor and fundraiser for a special needs school in Kempston, underscoring his commitment to public service in Bedfordshire.

He is also a volunteer with DKMS, a bone marrow donor charity, and a dedicated supporter of MacMillan Cancer Support.

In a statement to the media, Mr Parmar said that if elected he pledges to

  • Deliver real community and neighbourhood policing, and better victim support as a top priority
  • Overcome the scandal of empty police stations and cop shops across the County from Bedford Town Centre to Leighton Buzzard
  • Massively streamline the PCC’s office operations making savings at the centre to protect the frontline and being transparent and accountable
  • Relentlessly campaign for fair funding for Bedfordshire, addressing the unfair funding formula that Labour and Conservative Governments have failed to address

Mr Parmar added, “I will also campaign tirelessly to see the return of town centre police facilities across our county, for real community policing and will make it my task to secure fair funding for Bedfordshire Police from the Government.”