Lib Dems announce their prospective parliamentary candidate for Bedford and Kempston

Cllr Henry Vann
Cllr Henry Vann

Bedford Liberal Democrats have announced Henry Vann, a local Councillor, campaigner and teacher, will be standing as their prospective parliamentary candidate for Bedford and Kempston.

Henry grew up in Bedford and now lives in Goldington Road, Bedford. He has been a local Councillor since 2011.

As a teacher, he was previously chosen as the education portfolio holder on Mayor Dave Hodgson’s cabinet. He is now Portfolio Holder for Town Centres and Planning.

His appointment comes as the Lib Dems have gained new recruits from Conservative and Labour parties.

Henry said: “In May, the Lib Dems became the largest group on Bedford Borough Council, with the Conservatives no longer having any Councillors in Bedford and Kempston constituency.

“The Lib Dems are once again a serious choice in this constituency. I grew up in Bedford and know that both Bedford and Kempston are amazing towns, thriving with rich history, culture, communities and industry.

“I will fight tooth and nail for my home town to get a fair deal from the Government.

“On the most urgent question of the day the Liberal Democrats have a clear position: we are the party of remain.

“The Government is in disarray and the Labour Party still doesn’t know if it is coming or going.

“Brexit will be bad for the people of Bedford and Kempston and the Lib Dems will be offering the people of Bedford and Kempston a sensible, principled option at the upcoming General Election.”

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