Letters: Will you take part in 2021’s Free Money Day?


Nobody gives free money! Actually, sometimes people do, and here are some reasons.

Every year on 15 September, virtually or in person, people across the world hand out their own money to complete strangers, asking the recipients to pass on half to someone else.

By sharing in this way, the goal is to spark the spirit of kindness and show that a more generous world is possible.

Imagine this situation:
You’re walking along the shopping arcade, and someone approaches you. He greets you kindly and drops some money in your hand.

He wishes you a happy Free Money Day and goes on his way. It happened surprisingly, and you didn’t have a chance to react. Now you wonder about this unusual occasion. Surprised by the encounter, you find a little note in your hand, that asks you to pass on half to someone else.

What would you feel and think, while holding those coins in your hand?

Now imagine the following:
You’re walking along the same passage, but this time, the friendly person starts to talk to you.

He explains a little bit about a yearly action, and that he gives some money to people. There is no attachment to it, and you can keep the money.

Would you act differently? Would you feel differently? If so, why?

The two situations are examples for some of the experiences I had this year. Some people were excited, while others reacted insecure and the more I tried to tell people, what the activity was about, the more suspicious they became.

The less I talked, the more positively surprised they were.

Nothing is for Free
The phrase “Nothing comes from nothing” is one example in our language that shows that one must earn his living and acceptance.

We define the worth of people mainly by their jobs, or things they possess and often we are not capable to give something, or even allow someone to something, without earning it. Is it lack of empathy, our merit-based system or our economy? Perhaps there is some truth in all the theories.

The Free money day is an opportunity towards kindness, compassion, unselfishness and connectedness.

Can we build a society that can give without expectations?
I believe, the more generous we are, the more people feel empowered to be generous too. It doesn’t have to be money. There are many opportunities to be kind and generous.

We can share without the expectation of getting something back. And vice-versa, it helps us to accept a gift without the attachment of needing to give something in return.

I learned on the Free Money Day that taking, in a world where taking without earning, can be difficult.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It
Walter Elias Disney inspired millions of people all over the world. He said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

I invite you to live a dream of a peaceful and connected world, to see the impact we make on the planet. It looks hard sometimes, and for some people, it seems to be more challenging than for others, especially when the own life, compared to others, looks poor or difficult.

Giving is easier than you might think, and it can be as simple as a little smile that you give to everyone you meet, or just sometimes, leave your change on the table for someone else – creativity is unlimited, once you’ve started.

We don’t need to focus on giving only to those who apparently need help. Many people are not used to expressing their needs, or don’t want to bother others with their problems.

They need time to accept something from others. Let’s make it easy for them.
If you are interested, or even want to participate, visit the website for more: https://www.freemoneyday.org/

Yours sincerely
Bjorn Michael

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