Letters: Why no recognition of Robinson Pool?

Robinson Pool
Robinson Pool is one of eight venues run by Fusion Lifestyle in Bedford and Kempston.

Dear editor,

I have been into Robinson Pool twice this week. Despite being the Golden anniversary of the pool, there was nothing to suggest any recognition from the managing contractors of the event.

As I receive regular emails from the pool about upgrading membership or similar, I checked my inbox. There was nothing.

As a result, I had a look at the website and again there was nothing obvious until I went further in.

Finally, on the day of the fiftieth anniversary an email did arrive telling me about events less than 24 hours later.

However, this led not on celebrating the anniversary but in trying to get me to pay more for better membership. I am not a member anyway.

It strikes me that we may not have a significant swimming pool for another fifty years. The current management company appear uninterested in encouraging swimming.

The pool timetables are incorrect, and the much-vaunted improvements proved to be of low quality exacerbated by poor maintenance.

Let’s hope that yet another centre manager will make a difference.


Ian Nicholls
Sidney Road, Bedford

Editor’s note: Fusion lifestyle have all our contact details, if their media team had sent us anything about the pool’s 50th birthday, we’d have happily considered the story for publication.

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