Letters: We should look at measures Grace Community Church has taken to prevent flood risk

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Dear editor,

This letter is in response to the article that was published on 14 February 2024.

Read: Mixed response to Grace community hub planning application in Kempston

As a resident of Kempston for a little under a decade, and having moved to Bedford 20+ years ago, I very much welcome a hub that seeks to meet the needs of our wider community and understands that there is a varying level of need in Kempston 

It saddens me that many families are having to access foodbanks and wellbeing services, due to the cost of living crisis and the effects this has on mental and physical wellbeing.  Our government services are stretched to capacity and any additional help is most welcomed in my estimation.

It concerns me that the councillor and the member of parliament seem so disconnected with our local community that even Mr Valentine’s statement seems out of touch with itself:

“We don’t need their charity. Kempston West is a middle-income area with low levels of deprivation. In Kempston generally we are served with a plethora of local charities offering foodbanks and help for the disadvantaged. The council is already expanding its support via an upgraded family hub and a large new special school.”

While Kempston West is viewed as middle-income, there is a growth of deprivation which goes unseen by some people. 

Due to this, I’ve learned that charities (including Grace in the Community Church) are meeting this need and doing so (as most charities do) at the bereft of support from people with influence to bring about tangible change.  

My thought is this, if Grace in the community has put through a planning application, maybe it would be wise to learn more about what measures they’ve taken to ensure this project would not be a flood risk, as is suggested by the member of parliament and the councillor?  

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