Letters: Traffic has found its way through Wilstead, Cllr Coombes…

A6 closure July 22

Dear editor,

I was surprised to see it was reported that Cllr Graeme Coombes has stated that Wilstead residents are going to be mightily cheesed off that traffic is going to be diverted through Wilstead for another three months.

Read: Council apologises for Wilstead bypass delay

I would have thought that Cllr Coombes would have known that the traffic has not been diverted through Wilstead.

The traffic has found its way through Wilstead despite a 7.5T weight restriction and the fact that the road signs state “Village Only”.

I emailed Cllr Coombes on the 26th July pointing out that the diversion signs were either unreadable or they had been placed in the wrong positions.

I did not receive any response to this email so I assumed that as he was not affected he was not interested and nothing needed to happen.

The diversion signs are still inadequate and  nobody is interested in enforcing the weight restriction.

The Council say it is the responsibility of the Police and the Police say tell the Council.

I am surprised that the powers that be are happy that a 44 ton lorry can come through the village within three feet of a child standing at a pedestrian controlled traffic light which may or may not be working as it has not been connected to mains electricity or it is not secured to stop it being turned off.


Michael Dowse

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