Letters: The majority of Alistair Burt voters are in favour of Brexit

Alistair Burt
Alistair Burt MP. Pic credit: Chris McAndrew
Dear editor,
Whilst it is very politically correct for local fellow politicians to commiserate with the MP for North East Beds, is it not more pertinent to know what his constituents are thinking?
He has throughout the Brexit debacle been an arch remainer and staunch supporter of this most unpopular EU ‘ deal’, despite the majority of his voters being in favour of Brexit.
So far I have read not one single local expressing sorrow at his latest decision.
Please could you also investigate earlier statements that he was never going to stand again in a future election.
I have asked the Biggleswade Conservative Branch to confirm this and if true, this is another example of false news.
Personally, I believe his refusal to show interest in anything to do with where the massive building schemes for Central Beds will take place, despite a number of us pleading with him to do so, plus his condoning the unprecedented council funding cuts whilst the Chicksands HQ palace continues to flourish, are examples of how his ministerial duties have dominated, making him another MP out of touch with those he was elected to represent.
Clare Lawrence

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