Letters: Surprise at Dallas Road planning decision

Dallas Road, Kempston
Dallas Road, Kempston (Image: Google Maps, Oct 2020)

Dear editor,

Regarding: Kempston housing development given go-ahead despite being 200 parking spaces short

I’m amazed that the planning committee has passed this, it being more than 200 parking spaces short.

As a former planning member, I argued that people wanted to park outside their front door and not in parking blocks.

All over new developments, the parking blocks are left empty, and people park on pavements, making it difficult for all pedestrians, especially those with young children and disabilities.

How the bin-men negotiate the obstacles is miraculous.

Lessons should be learned. In the late 1980s, the Borough took the decision to have a minimum of a nine-metre back garden. Developers were greedy then, greedier now.

What quality of life awaits future residents? They have my sympathy.


Shan Hunt
Vyne Close,

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