Letters: Spare some Embankment polish for the Bus Station

Bedford bus station
Bedford bus station

Dear editor,

I can only assume our Mayor and some of the Borough councillors are blind and deaf, if they really think that suddenly finding £1.5 million for the Embankment and further grants for children’s playground, although needed in some cases, they cannot [also] see the mess that the bus station is in

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From my letter a couple of weeks ago, l received many comments agreeing with the state of the bus station, but not one comment from the borough.

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Of course, the Embankment is lovely [but] is it really in desperate need of this massive grant, when a tenth of it would go a long way to improving the unhealthy conditions that exist at the bus station?

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Of course, the Embankment is the jewel in Bedford’s crown, but don’t forget crowns need polishing and l can only suggest that having a bus station that is absolutely filthy, they should use a little of that polish on sorting it out.

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Tim Hatton,

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