Letters: Signage for new Town Bridge feeder lane needed

The new feeder lane from the Embankment onto Town Bridge (image: Google Maps. Dec: 2021)

Dear editor,

Would it be possible for Bedford Borough Council to give some instruction/new signage to drivers so that they use the new junction which comes along the Embankment and turns left over the Town Bridge correctly?

Currently, numerous drivers are stopping at the junction because they want to cross the bridge in the second lane!

There is ample opportunity to be in the second lane by using this junction correctly, feeding onto the bridge in lane one and filtering when necessary into lane two.

This would then keep the traffic flowing correctly along the Embankment.

Also, signage is required for vehicles going over the bridge from the High Street who automatically pull into lane one after the junction without looking at traffic approaching from the feeder lane/Embankment.

Kind regards,

Mark Evans

Editor’s note: Apologies for the quality of the image. It was clearly very foggy on the day the Google Maps car was in Bedford.

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