Letters: No social distancing at Allhallows


Dear editor,

Bedford remains at the lowest tier, ‘medium’. But I wonder how long for.

Resurfacing work has now been undertaken [at Allhallows] for some time and is anticipated to go on into the New Year.

Could I ask though, if this work was not essential, why did it have to take place during an epidemic?

Or if it was essential, why have the Borough Council not implemented a ‘one way’ pedestrian system around the work?

As you can see from my two attached photographs, there is no social distancing measures in place – by that I mean wardens or otherwise – or other measures implemented to safeguard visitors to the town centre around All Hallows.

Surely if the Borough Council do not act quickly, we will be placed into one of the two upper tiers.

Kind regards,

Tony Quinlan
Address withheld upon request

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