Letters: No information for residents over areas of high infection


Dear Editor,

Re: High Infection Rates Bedford  – Lack of information to residents over areas of high infection

I am very concerned over the time it is taking for any information to be passed on to residents.

About two weeks has already passed by since the Mayor warned us and advised we stay at home.

The Mayor is to be commended for this action, but I have seen no evidence of this actually happening, and it is opposite the latest Government statements about relaxing the lockdown

It appears that we are having to wait further two weeks for a specialist report. Judging by previous announcements of this type it will take longer than two weeks.

Is this another case of ‘Too little too late’?

Some actions should be taken now, and not let the situation become much worse with time. Time is of the essence.

Bedford Hospital must have the addresses of everyone who enters the hospital who is found to have the virus. Why cannot this be used now to analyse to see if it enlightens us to locate areas of high infections now?

I realise that this is only part of the complicated story, and infected people are found by testing away from the hospital and possibly other methods.

This preliminary action would enable residents of the highly infected areas to be warned, and other residents to avoid these areas

If the reason this cannot be done is due to privacy issues, I cannot see why. We do not need to know names of people and house numbers or even street names – Just the local area or postcode.

A Clapham resident

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