Letters: Many Sharnbrook residents unaware of proposal to fell trees


I was very upset to read your article about the tree felling at Sharnbrook Academy. I (and it seems many of the Sharnbrook residents) were unaware of this proposal.

Read: Trees to be sacrificed to ease Sharnbrook School traffic build-up

It is clear that it was advertised on Bedford Borough Council (BBC) planning page; however I have to say I don’t check this unless I am aware of some change. I didn’t ever see the planning permission displayed.

From the BBC website planning page it seems to list only one property as affected and named the school (who made the application!).

The trees do not cause the congestion, people parking on Odell Rd (instead of using the car park) cause the congestion as you cannot turn left out of the school due to people being parked on the road/ pavement, this creates a backlog of traffic approaching the roundabout.

It is the same people everyday. The problem could perhaps be resolved by changing the car park layout slightly incorporating a drop off/ pick up zone.

The trees are an eco system providing oxygen for us. They help manage excess water (preventing floods down this road) as the mound of ground they sit on is usually sodden with water. They also look beautiful.

Removing to trees to increase traffic flow will cause further problems for the hundreds of pedestrians (students).

The path starts on one side of the road and finishes on the other side. To walk to school, the road has to be crossed. This is can be very difficult (my children tell me), imagine how it will be with an improved faster traffic flow!

A pedestrian crossing will need to be put in for the safety of the children; slowing traffic and taking us back to where we began, but with no trees. The path runs along school approach on the right hand side (as you face the school) until it comes to an end just after Fox Hedge way. The road then needs crossing (at the start of the chance) to continue walking safely on a path.

I see no benefit and only pupil safety issues coming out of this action.

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