Letters: Is anyone else having a problem booking their second vaccine?

Stickers given out to residents who have had their vaccine

I wonder if anyone else is having a problem booking a second Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination?

My cousin who has VERY recently lost two sisters to Covid-19 is due to have her 2nd vaccination BY Thursday 29 April.

My cousin has been meticulous in following all the instructions given to make a second appointment and to date has not been successful.

Her first vaccination was at the surgery, Dr Das at Goldington Road Bedford and they did not offer the facility to make the second appointment at the time of having the first.

After contacting 119 she was informed that she could not book online and that they would only make bookings for Astra Zeneca and to go to her GP.

The receptionist and the practice manager at the GP surgery told her that they were not booking for 2nd vaccines and that she needed to go back to 119 and so the circle continues.

She was told to expect a letter that may arrive by Monday 26 April and if it didn’t then to call back and the surgery would see what they could do.

I do know that by using the QSwiss system that the surgery could book an appointment for her.

I offered to help my cousin and was given the same advice that she was.

In addition, I phoned BEDOC where you cannot speak to a person. You are asked to look online or leave a message and someone would get back to you in five days. An email was sent and the response was…yes ….phone 119!

On Tuesday, in desperation, I went to Kings House Vaccination Centre on Ampthill Road in the hope that somebody would be able to advise and help. This was at 4pm. It was closed.

I ask for your help in raising awareness of this problem and if there is a solution. I feel very sorry for my cousin and indeed anyone else in this situation. It is very worrying.

With kindest regards
Gina Marszałek

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