Letters: “I do not believe EWR are interested in anyone’s views other than their own.”

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Dear editor,

Re: Letters: “How your views have already shaped East West Rail”

In reply to Beth West’s letter regarding EWR in Bedfordshire, I would like to point out that during a conversation with one of her ‘expert’ team, I highlighted the fact that the hamlets of Colsden, Chawston and the village of Roxton had not been included on their E route map.

A very flustered and confused ‘expert’ giggled and explained that the person who drew up the map had made a mistake, but the matter would be rectified in future maps.

In Beth West’s letter to your newspaper, the CEO Beth West invites the reader to check out their website where you can find new maps with extra detail.

So I did and, surprise surprise, they haven’t bothered or had the courtesy to update the map – therefore in my eyes it appears that for EWR these small hamlets and one rather large village – which will have this railway cutting right through them – are of no consequence and are certainly not interested one jot in our views.

In fact, I do not believe EWR are interested in anyone’s views other than their own.

Jennie Anderson

Editor’s note: The maps which show more geographical detail, with the smaller hamlets and villages included were uploaded to the EWR website on 16 June 2023 and can be found here.

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