Letters: Heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers helping at Covid vaccination centres

Stickers given out to residents who have had their vaccine

Dear editor

If you and those reading this have had their vaccine, then you may not be aware that a lot of the staff that you come across at the vaccination centres are in fact, unpaid volunteers.

Our volunteers have a plethora of experience. Some come from backgrounds of customer service roles such as receptionists and train managers. Others are even police officers, teachers, engineers and marriage registrars.

A considerable amount are retired or still furloughed from their careers. What they all have in common is that they are giving up their free time and extraordinary effort to assist with the daily running of the vaccination centres.

I am writing this letter to send my thanks to the amazing volunteers at the vaccination centres across the country and especially here in Bedford.

They are the first people you meet when you arrive for your vaccine, helping you park your car and pointing you in the right direction. They even direct you to your vaccination table.

Not only do they help you with your journey through the vaccination centre, but they also support you in your emotional journey.

When coming for your vaccine, you may feel excited to be helping the country free itself from this lockdown. Maybe you felt anxious when you arrived? You may have been afraid of needles, or this could have been your first injection since primary school perhaps?

For a majority of people, getting the COVID vaccination was the first journey out of their homes for 6 months, some people have even been inside for nearly a year!

So however you are feeling or felt on the day, our volunteers are incredibly always here to greet you with that warm, comforting smile to make you feel as welcome as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on many lives over the past year and at long last, we finally have successful vaccination centres up and running with over 53.6 million vaccinations already given.

This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for these outstanding volunteers which we love, cherish and appreciate so much.

Thank you to all the volunteers & NHS Staff across the country and especially here in Bedford.

Yours Truly,
Two anonymous Bedford Heights Vaccination Centre staff members

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