Letters: Gunns’ problems in Bedford were brought on by a number of issues

Bedford High Street
Bedford High Street

Dear editor

Re: Opinion: Gunns played their own part in the closure of their Bedford shop

While I agree with many of Paul’s ideas, he and his colleagues may never have shopped at Gunns.

I would say, more’s the pity as the bread is totally different from the over-processed bread that is mostly consumed from supermarkets and can ultimately lead to the gluten intolerant problems that many people have these days.

I always bought Gunns’ wholemeal GI loaf packed with healthy seeds. The shop generally had customers when I visited. You could also order a range of celebratory cakes.

Gunns’ problems in Bedford were brought on by a number of issues recently, including the difficulty of finding bakers (who wants to work at 2 am?), and broken down equipment.

The solution was to concentrate on the Sandy site which is a substantial size business with an adjoining tea room and Biggleswade, both with longer opening hours.

However, I do know that a younger member of the family had been keen to take over the bakery in Bedford and inject some new ideas which would indeed fit with some of Paul’s suggestions.

For those who want to buy some good bread in Bedford try The Gallery on Howard street, popular as a tea/coffee shop.

For a while, they hosted Companions Real Bread Bakery where you could learn about the health value of sourdough bread that is allowed to ferment and rise slowly in its manufacture.


Ann Collett-White

Editors note: Thank you Ann for adding to this debate in a constructive and considered manner.

As suggested in our opinion piece it’s clear it was not just down to ‘current trading conditions’ that has led to Gunns’ closing their Bedford shop, but more a desire to focus elsewhere – for whatever reason.

We are sure this conversation will continue as we help to highlight the ways businesses can at least attempt to overcome and adapt to external changes out of their control.

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