Letters: Freight is not the issue with the proposed East West rail route

A photo of part of the route suggested by ERTA

Dear editor,

The article of last week’s Council meeting discussing the East-West Rail matter was right to highlight the shortcomings of the proposed northern route to Tempsford and beyond.

Read: Bedford Tory councillors in row over “freight doom” of East West Rail route

Far better for the Borough and objectors to give support to the idea of routing the proposed east-west rail link via the old route at St John’s going eastwards away from residential development and avoiding many of the issues the northern route presents.

There must be a Plan B contingency as the rail link would inform more footfall and spend for the Bedford Town Centre, not freight trains plying the streets as some are prone to think!

The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) have produced a document for consideration and have sent to elected representatives to help them and the public in their deliberations.

Bedford Midland Station needs reconfiguring for allowing better access from the Bedford-Bletchley line to the north of the station on the Midland Main Line and vice versa.

The Borough and rail agencies need to get it right.

The northern route in our view presents more problems and costs and less benefits than the old route we have suggested.

For further information, people can peruse our Blog or email richard.erta@gmail.com to go on our free email loop for more news and comment as we get it.

Bedford has been a backwater too long and we need better rail links to places like Cambridge for jobs as well as more visitors to our town centre and riverside and all in between.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Pill
ERTA Campaigns Coordinator

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