Letters: EWR’s route E choice out of Bedford need not impact Poets area

Thameslink tracks at Farringdon Station
Thameslink tracks at Farringdon Station

Dear editor,

Jeremy Hunt has confirmed in his ‘budget’ of yesterday (17 Nov) that UK’s major infrastructure works should proceed apace.

EWR is cited.

There are many reasons why I consider EWR (plus the other infrastructure) should proceed along the planned pathway but I’m not to repeat them here.

I’m just going to state why the existing rail corridor and recently completed Bromham Road Bridge are adequate without impact on the Poets Area.

This picture above is taken at Farringdon Station.

The two Thameslink tracks to the left accommodate c.20 trains each way per hour for the c. 2 miles from St Pancras to Blackfriars with two intermediate stations.

On the right, the two TFL tracks accommodate c.22 trains each way per hour for the c. 4 miles from Baker Street to Liverpool Street with six intermediate stations.

The Easternmost pair of Network Rail tracks (the slow tracks) north from Bedford Station will not even need to accommodate half of this number of trains per hour each way on the circa 600m of shared track and no rail corridor widening will be necessary.

I rest my case.

Ray Schofield
Address supplied

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