Letters: Due to climate change, should the council add an extra garden waste collection?


Dear editor

Take a look out of the window or a walk through a park and it’s plain to see that, thanks to climate change, we now have milder winters, with trees shedding their leaves much later in the year.

So while my green bin (being collected today) is full of leaves I know that’s from just 20% of the trees in my garden… the other 80% have yet to shed their foliage.

Unfortunately, my next green bin collection will now be in March 2022, because the Council traditionally suspends the service until then.

Many residents don’t have the space to store the leaves, or a need to compost them, so when those remaining leaves drop many folk have no choice but to buy a large number of plastic refuse sacks, in order to collect them and physically drop them off at the Barkers Lane waste facility.

How on earth does that make environmental sense?

Rather than making grandiose declarations that it recognises there’s a climate emergency, may I suggest that it might be practically more useful to residents (and beneficial for the environment) if Bedford Borough Council scheduled in an extra green bin collection in December?


Kulwinder Singh Rai
Bedford MK44 2PX

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