Letters: “Come on PCC, get some coppers on the streets”


Dear Editor

I have recently been in communication with the Police [and Crime] Commissioner to try and discuss things that matter to everyday visitors to Bedford and get pushed to the Chief Constable, who pushes you to an inspector who pushes you to a PC who is a member of the policing team for Bedford, who has not made contact yet.

Everyone waffles about how Bedford is policed, but l have not seen one officer in the town centre on numerous visits to town.

What l have seen is drunks, drug taking and unsavoury behaviour including people urinating at the side of the bus station in full public view, and this is going on continuously during the day.

There is a general malevolent air around that part of town, which makes it rather scary for the older generation and the general public!!

I realise the police are somewhat short-staffed, but come on get some coppers in the town walking around observing what is going on and start doing the job of making the town centre a safe and healthy, friendly place to come into and for shoppers to be able to wander without  a worry,

Tim Hatton

PS: Perhaps Our Mayor might like to add his view and try and improve things as well ???

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