Letters: Bromham Road bridge closure could have been avoided

Bromham Road bridge
In May 2019 it was announced that Bromham Road bridge would close for a year from June.

Dear editor,

I am writing in relation to the articles about Bromham Road Bridge being closed as part of the Midland Mainline upgrades.

When Network Rail were refused permission to raise bridges over the railway track at Sydney Gardens in Bath they had to lower the track instead.

This approach to obtaining the clearance height for electrification could have worked at Bromham bridge and thus prevented the traffic chaos that will be happening for the next year.

Longer if the bridge rebuilds do not go according to planned schedule. The bridge on the Sharnbrook to Souldrop road being one that did not go as planned.

Network Rail do not like lowering track as they have to pay compensation to the train operating companies for every minute that the tracks are not available for trains to operate.

Network Rail are under no obligation to pay compensation to anyone affected by road closures when bridge alterations are taking place.

Hence disruption to road traffic for a year is far less cost than disrupting train traffic for a few days.

At Bromham Road with four tracks, trains could be run with some restrictions on two tracks while the other two tracks were being lowered.

Name and address withheld by request.

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