Letters: Bedford Town Centre needs a proper supermarket

Tesco Metro on Midland Road closed in September 2023 (image: Google Maps)
Tesco Metro on Midland Road closed in September 2023 (image: Google Maps)

Dear editor,

Further to Mr Neale’s letter (Bedford Independent, 9 November 2023) stating we don’t need any more shops in the town centre – we definitely don’t need any more takeaways, coffee shops, vape bars etc, but we DO need a proper food supermarket selling fresh produce.

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Some of us still cook and don’t depend entirely on takeaways, although judging by the size of most people I see around town, many do. A huge problem for the NHS in the not-too-distant future.

Since M&S closed, all we had was Tesco Metro which has now moved to a small unit in the Harpur Centre, basically an ‘off licence’ with a bit of food thrown in, but operating as an Express.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who has a favourable comment about it.

I live in Brickhill, don’t drive, am reliant on buses, and struggle to find decent fresh food in town. Lidl is not in the town centre and Iceland has very limited choice.

I’m not a fan of open markets as the ‘fresh’ produce doesn’t look very fresh as may have been to other markets before.

I, and many in my situation have to pay for expensive taxis to get to out-of-town supermarkets. Presumably, Mr Neale has his own transport so not bothered about food shopping in town, but many are, especially the elderly.

Yes, we do need more housing and there are many empty buildings in town, but we do desperately need a food supermarket, one preferably not with inflated prices like Tesco Express.

Anna Arpino
Norfolk Close

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