Letters: “Aspects car park is the graveyard of litter and the bins aren’t helping”

Both litter bins are easily accessible to birds

I am reaching out to my local newspaper to address an issue that has concerned me and I’m sure fellow Bedfordians.

It seems such a minute problem but it all feeds into the bigger picture of caring about our environment.

I’m sending in this video as at first I found it hilarious to watch a bird grab a full bag of McDonalds and throw it across a carpark in a bid to gain a few chips but I then turned my attention to the fact the Aspects car park is the graveyard of litter.

The bushes, trees and surrounding wildlife not only rely on the rubbish to grab a quick bite but are infested by it!

Our favourite lockdown pastime of grabbing a McDonalds and chilling in our cars in Aspects has turn into a harmful bid against our environment.

I’m hoping that the Bedford Independent can shine a light on this issue and work towards having the bins looked at, simply put lids to stop the wildlife getting in and the rubbish getting out.


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