Letters: Anarchy on Bedford’s Pavements

Cycle lane sign

Dear editor,

Having now been nearly run over three times in the last week coming out of my house, by  Cyclists and the users of Electric Scooters using the pavement of Spring Road as an apparent race track, I wish to know when the local authorities and Local Police are going to act.

Firstly to enforce existing legislation regarding the riding of bicycles and the use of electric scooters and secondly, halt their almost hysterical view that everything must be done, and consequently huge amounts of money spent, on encouraging people onto these forms of transport at the expense of the health and safety of normal, ordinary pedestrians, like myself, who simply wish to walk on the pavement.

Are you going to wait until someone is either killed or seriously injured before doing something to prevent it, or are you going to act now?

David Petrie

Spring Road


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