Letters: Access to the Ravensden development is the real issue

The picturesque village of Ravensden

The proposed building of 165 houses is not really an issue. The contentious aspect is that of access to the development.

If the Borough Council has any consideration for our town it would offer the developer an alternative access to the site via Freemen’s Common which is administered by members of the Council’s General Purposes Committee.

Such access from Cleat Hill almost opposite Mowsbury Park Car Park entrance would allow construction of a roundabout which would greatly improve the speeding problem on this stretch of road.

Furthermore, it would mean that the need for an estate road bisecting what is to become ‘country park’ would be negated and therefore benefit the amenity. It would also provide much improved access for traffic, including emergency services, to the new development than that which is currently proposed.

Yours, more in hope than expectation,


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