Letters: A regular and reliable bus service is needed in Biddenham

Biddenham bus stop adjacent to Saxon Park. Image: Google Maps Street View. Captured June 2023 © Google 2024
Biddenham bus stop adjacent to Saxon Park. Image: Google Maps Street View. Captured June 2023 © Google 2024

Dear editor,

I moved to the Saxon Park development in Biddenham during the summer of 2023, and was disappointed at the minimal public transport in the area.

When I was viewing the house which I ended up purchasing, I was pleased to see a nearby bus stop on Deep Spinney. After moving in I found out that the 41 bus is only every two hours, and does not run on Sundays.

243 new homes total are planned for Saxon Park, and Phase 2 is nearly complete. I am concerned at the lack of options for such a growing community.

Many homes in the new development are designated social housing or affordable housing, and not every resident of Biddenham is an affluent car owner.

The retired community of Biddenham is likewise at risk of becoming isolated, once they can’t drive anymore, with so little transport on offer.

There are constant taxis flowing in and out of Biddenham (especially Saxon Park) at all times of the day and night, which shows that there is a real need there, and not everyone is driving themselves from A to B.

For context, a taxi into town is around £8.00, unaffordable for many. As a new resident, it is very isolating, and during Winter I had to cycle in high winds and heavy rain to get to work in Bedford.

The recent new housing areas of Saxon Park, Biddenham Park and St Mary’s have added more residents to the area with no change to amenities or infrastructure.

Biddenham has no shop, and the nearest food shops are a 25-minute walk away in Fairhil

Biddenham is home to over 3,000 residents. A regular and reliable bus service would greatly improve our quality of life by providing safe and affordable transportation options.

This is not just about convenience; it’s about safety, affordability, and sustainability.

I would like to call upon Cllr Jim Weir (Conservative), Portfolio Holder for Environment, Highways & Transport and the Bedford Borough Council, to address this and assist with this growing problem.

I contacted Cllr Weir at the end of last year but received no response. Biddenham’s own Cllr Jon Gambold (Conservative) was very sympathetic but could do little other than pass it to the Portfolio Holder.

To help spread the word, I have begun a petition: https://chng.it/dtXnp6JYr2 please sign if you can.

Victoria Kahl,

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