Letters: A poem about the ‘Covid preventer’

Image Credit: Marco Verch, CCNull - CC-BY 2.0.

Dear editor,

I am an HCA working at Bedford Heights vaccination centre and just read the lovely article from a volunteer about their time here.

I thought I’d share the poem I’ve written too:

Coronavirus hit the UK hard,
it may have even left some people scarred.

Now a vaccine is here to help set us free,
no masks mean we can see faces of glee.

The British public can come together again,
each person around us becomes a new friend.

We urge you all to come to the centre,
to get what we call the ‘COVID preventer’.

Inside the centre you won’t feel disappointment
when you turn up to your vaccination appointment.

Outside you’ll see a fluorescent army,
please be nice to them and don’t get barmy.

They will help you park your car,
point you in the right direction. You won’t have to walk far.

Inside we’ll ask for your name, NHS number and your birth date,
then off to the seating area where you will go to wait.

When it is your turn the marshall will direct,
you’ll see a team of people waiting to inject.

Some quick questions to ask about your health,
then the nurse will inject with precision and stealth.

You’ll say that you didn’t feel anything,
not a scratch, poke or even a sting.

Off you go around our one-way system,
thinking about your grandparents and how much you miss them.

One step closer to this being all over
if were lucky we won’t need a four-leaf clover.

We are a group of people from different walks of life,
some from the NHS like nurses and midwives.

We are easyJet staff who can’t yet be on a flight,
who swapped from flying to jabbing to help with the fight.

We are volunteers doing our bit for the town,
standing outside in the snow but we’ll never frown.

We are to help you with whatever you need,
we’ll give you some cotton wool if you bleed.

We’ll answer your worries, questions and fears,
we’ll reassure you if you shed any tears.

Thats who we are,
and this is why we are here.

Name and address withheld

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