Leading fresh water treatment research to take place at Cranfield University

Cranfield University sewage treatment works

Cranfield University is to train the next generation of leading water scientists and engineers, thanks to receiving a share £446m investment in research by the Government.

Partnering with, Sheffield and Newcastle Universities, Cranfield is the lead institution in the Water Infrastructure and Resilience Doctoral Training (CDT).

They will now also feature in the Water and Waste Infrastructure Systems Engineered for Resilience (Water-WISER) CDT led by the University of Leeds.

Professor Paul Jeffrey, Director of Water at Cranfield University, said: “This investment in doctoral training centres at Cranfield demonstrates the strength of our water science research and educational offering.

“Our lives and livelihoods are dependent on the natural and engineered water cycles. Research and skills development in water treatment and management has never been more vital.

“These CDTs will enable the brightest junior research minds to expand their thinking and seek to out the innovative solutions to global challenges.”

Science and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore said: “The Centres for Doctoral Training at universities across the country will offer the next generation of PHD students the ability to get ahead of the curve.

“In addition, this has resulted in nearly £400 million being leveraged from industry partners. This is our modern Industrial Strategy in action, ensuring all corners of the UK thrive with the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.”

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