Labour’s election manifesto launched today

Mohammad Yasin MP
Mohammad Yasin, MP for Bedford and Kempston Pic credit: Chris McAndrew

The Labour party launched its election manifesto today (Thursday) ahead of the general election on Thursday 12 December.

Parliamentary candidate for Bedford and Kempston, Mohammad Yasin said, “I am incredibly proud to be standing on a fully costed manifesto that will bring in real change for Bedford and Kempston, and indeed this country.

“I believe in transparency and our manifesto shows what we will invest in and how we will pay for it.”

He outlined policies that will affect residents including an introduction of 15,000 more frontline police officers, more funding for social care and, he says, putting climate change at the heart of Government policy.

“We have all seen our beloved NHS suffer under the Tories. Waiting times for GPs, ambulances and treatment have soared and people cannot access treatment which they have a right to.

“We will fund the NHS fully. This means investing billions in mental health services, making prescriptions free, ending and reversing privatisation and giving free annual dental check-ups for all.”

Seeking to clarify the party’s position on Brexit, Mr Yasin said, “Brexit has dominated politics for too long meaning that the Tories have failed to address any other issues of pressing concern to the residents of Bedford and Kempston.

“We will give the public vote on any Brexit deal with an option to remain. I believe in democracy and the people should be given the final say over Brexit, and Labour will implement this where the Tories have failed to.”

Commenting on the Conservative party’s ‘’ website, Mr Yasin said, “Continuing reports of the Conservatives attempting to flout our open democratic principles are extremely concerning.

“Fake news is a widely reported concern during election campaigns. Political parties should behave with openness and transparency at all times.

“Using underhand tactics suggest the Tories are running scared, but this is never an excuse to undermine our democracy.”

You can read the full manifesto here.

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